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The Front Porch!

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Welcome to our Lil’ Suburban Homestead! We are so glad you are here! The most recent articles are posted below on our main page so they are all at your finger tips! Enjoy and feel free to look around and stay a while! We are making lots of changes here at our homestead so you can find everything you are looking for easily!

renew your grout without a doubt

DIY: Renew Your Grout Without A Doubt

DIY: Renew Your Grout Without A Doubt Project Time: An entire weekend about (16-24 hours depending on space and your speed of work)   Project Budget: $60.00 My husband and I decided it was time to make our old grungy dining room floor look new again it was looking rough and as you know we …

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So Why Do I Call Him The Viking?

So Why Do I Call Him The Viking? Yesterday in our Lil’ Suburban Homestead Facebook Group one of our friends on the journey with us asked me why I called my husband The Viking. I decided not to answer her directly in the group because there is kind of a story behind this and it’s …

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a day at the farm

A Day at The Farm

A Day at The Farm I love all the images that the classic image of the American farm conjures up for me….red barns, John Deere Tractors, and lots of other country images like you find in Grit Magazine or From Scratch Magazine two of my faves! Many of you know that I work in education …

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handmade gifts on the homestead lil' suburban homestead

Handmade Gifts On The Homestead

Handmade Gifts On The Homestead Everyone is out of time these days so it’s no wonder that many children who once grew up learning how to crochet, knit, or do hand crafts no longer no how to do them anymore. I am glad for the fact that I homeschooled our children for a season and …

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Yes We’re The Fix It Couple!

Yes We’re The Fix It Couple! Why are some people pre-disposed to fixing things and others not? I have decided that I know the answer to this but you may not like what I am going to have to say….it’s a mindset….some people just don’t like fixing things and don’t want to take time to …

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Mushroom Stems & Pepper Tops

Mushroom Stems & Pepper Tops I Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! We strive at our lil’ homestead to add fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis and if we can grow it even better……during the school year with events, football games, and tight schedules things get a little bit hectic …

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A Spectacular Day On The Coastal Cluck Coop Tour

A Spectacular Day On The Coastal Cluck Coop Tour We had so much fun on the 4th Annual Coastal Cluck Coop Tour yesterday – the rain held for most of the day it did sprinkle some but overall the day was spectacular! I know the Viking would agree! The turn out was fabulous and who …

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We are on the Coastal Cluck Coop Tour

We are on the Coastal Cluck Coop Tour We are so excited to be on the Coastal Cluck Coop Tour this year!  Spring is in full swing in Coastal North Carolina it’s absolutely magnificent in Wilmington! The weather has been amazing (Sigh!) I just can’t even convey the beauty of this week to you and …

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Lil' Suburban Homestead DIY: feather boutinierre's

DIY: Feather Boutonierre with Fly Fishing Materials

DIY: Feather Boutonierre’s with Fly Fishing Materials Project Time: 1 hour for 2 boutonierre’s   Project Budget: $5.00   So it’s prom season and our son’s senior prom was last night! What a fun time and he got to make memories for a lifetime with his friends last night isn’t that awesome? But you know …

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Charming North Carolina Azaleas Food For The Soul

Charming Azaleas Food For The Soul Hope all of you are having a wonderful week! I love having azaleas on our property and they are so easy to grow in Coastal, North Carolina! They are so vibrant, beautiful, and they color our yard every spring in a beautiful pastel pink and purple colors! This is …

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product review mitt n grip gloves lil' suburban homestead

Product Review: Mitt N Grip Gloves For Grilling & Beyond

Product Review: Mitt N Grip Gloves For Grilling & Beyond   Hope ya’ll are all having an amazing Sunday! The Viking is the one in our household that get’s to do most of the dirty jobs LOL don’t get me wrong I love getting down and dirty in the garden with my seeds but he’s …

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DIY: 16 Georgous Pinecone Upcyles – Pinecones Aren’t Just For Fall

  Ya’ll know how I much I love a good DIY project and I know ya’ll know how much I love Hometalk it is one of my favorite DIY sites! But did ya’ll know pinecones aren’t just for fall? Yes you heard me Pinecones aren’t just for fall! I have always loved the look of …

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lil suburban homestead vanity chair makeover

DIY: $5.00 Burlap Vanity Chair Makeover

Skill Level: Easy Time: 30 minutes   Hi ya’ll!   Don’t you just love DIY projects?   I love taking something old and making it new again and often our DIY projects belong to the Viking and his amazing innovations but this one is all mine. I had purchased a roll of some laminate burlap …

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Why We Love Small Space Homesteading In Suburbia

I am so excited to share that this post is part of the 30 Days of Homesteading Round Robin and I am so glad ya’ll are here for a visit! Why We Love Small Space Homesteading In Suburbia Hi I am Karen Lynn and if you are new to Lil’ Suburban Homestead well first of …

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lil suburban homestead butternut n bacon for dinner

Paleo: Butternut Squash-n- Bacon – Oh my!

Paleo: Butternut Squash-n-Bacon – Oh my! Hi everyone first let me say I am officially on Spring Break so you will not be seeing any blog hops for the next week! You will see some scheduled posts though and of course I have my radio show this Tuesday at 9pm Est. on The Prepper Broadcasting …

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hello earth 1

Back In The Garden…..Well Hello Earth! I have missed you!

Finally a gardening post I was beginning to think with how cold it’s been in North Carolina that I never would get back in the garden! We recently had two 70 degree days but I was at work on both of them and had night time commitments in the evening….so it’s in the 50’s this …

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when life gives you lemon peels dehydrate them

When Life Gives You Lemon Peels Dehydrate Them!

When Life Gives You Lemon Peels Dehydrate Them! Most of us don’t just sit around and think “What can we do with lemon peels?” but that’s exactly a conversation we had not too long ago. Recently the Viking and I were the recipient of some wonderful organic myer lemons from my good friend Angie at …

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lilsuburbanhomestead vintage treadlesewingmachines

Kickin’ It Up Old School – Vintage Treadle Sewing Machines

Kickin’ It Up Old School – Vintage Treadle Sewing Machines I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! I don’t know about you but I love the look of vintage and or antique treadle sewing machines I love the concept of them the fact that you need no electricity to run them and truth …

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Spring Cleaning On The Homestead

Spring Cleaning On The Homestead I wanted to get to planting this past weekend…….I’m seriously pining away for the smell of the earth and getting the seeds into the ground but it just wasn’t going to happen because The Viking was convinced we had to wait one more week and well he’s not usually wrong …

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March Madness – Baby Gifts, Graduation Gifts & Seed Orders

March Madness – Baby & Graduation Gifts and Seed Orders This is the time of year when I try to get it all done! I think March Madness implies go, go, go, time…and the sad thing is I still don’t feel really rested properly from Winter LOL! I have not only my son (my last …

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Coastal North Carolina Chickens Love The Snow

The Chickens Love The Snow Our chickens love our little sprinkling of snow today and for that matter so did the dog! I took advantage of the dusting and went outside with my “Big Girl Camera” as my friend Katherine calls it and snapped a few shots! They never get to see the snow and …

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sewing susan needles

Just For Fun: Vintage Sewing Items & Fabric It’s a Dumpster Diving Post

Just For Fun: Vintage Sewing Items & Fabric It’s A Dumpster Diving Post Hi ya’ll! It’s been a while since I have just shared a fun vintage post of some of The Viking’s and my most recent finds! Well we have lots of fun stuff for you guys to peruse today! You know once upon …

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