And the Pears Keep Coming

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And The Pears Keep Coming

Canning Pears for 2010
Pears in Water Bath Canner

This past week my husband and I  put up pears in honey syrup and pickled pears.  Pears are actually fun and easy to can!!!!  My husband and I came up with a system that worked for us and were quite pleased on how nice they turned out but then he went and picked a bunch more. So we are now back in the pears again! LOL! The pears in the honey syrup wee great but the pickled or spiced pears were even better! The recipes all came from the Ball Book but since the Pickled Pears were so great I will try to post the recipe soon! These would go wonderfully on a fruit, cheese, and proscuitto plate…perfect food for a date night in the summer or a picnic!

Pears are such a wonderful food and grow so easy in North Carolina. It’s such a mild fruit that it’s no wonder that babies love pureed pears and they aren’t strong flavored they are just mild, juicy, and delicious!

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!



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