Update on Flying The Coop

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Hazel Scratching Around In The Yard

Well we finally figured out where Hazel went.  The chickens were experimenting on going back and forth through our fence to our neighbor’s yard.  So recently I went out in the yard and I saw three of the chickens running back and forth that would be Hazel, Roxie, and Mary Alice they are my Buff Orppington, my Baird Rock, and my Rhode Island Red.  The three most reliable layers ever and they were running back and forth squawking at the fence.  Why were they so upset?  They were upset because Getrude my most and I do mean my most confused chicken and layer….my Americana that lays the most lovely green eggs was trapped outside on the other side of the fence.  So my daughter Jules and me proceeded to go try to help Gertrude get to the other side this was not so easy.  Gertrude HATES to be held and has since the day I brought her home so she and Jules and I ran around in circles between my house and my neighbor’s yard for about 15 minutes or so.  Then Jules came up with the idea to use the laundry basket to catch her and finally Gertrude panicked and tried to shove her entire body through the fence boards lucky for me she got stuck long enough that I was able to grab her and carry her around the other side back to the chicken yard…..Whew that was a close one and if that weren’t enough Gertrude pecked me the whole way back…..yep this is Suburban Homestead Living at its finest folks…;)

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