We will be getting our honey bees in May!

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A Photo of Italian Honey Bees

My husband and I have finally made one of the biggest commitments of our life…..well its not like marriage or having children but we are going to get bees.  We have already put our deposit down on 2 nuc hives of Italian honey bees and my husband is almost done picking out the hive bodies that we will order.  I guess I really realized it tonight after our Bee Keeping class and my husband brought his Bee Keeping jacket home and I thought yes we have  finally bought bees, and now we are invested in supplies and this is so really happening!  I am so excited though!  I can’t wait for honey next year!  Bees are fascinating creatures and I am looking forward to posting some videos here on my blog of our adventures in Bee Keeping.  It’s kind of funny how self sufficiency has come to fruition for us first it was with gardening, then the greenhouse, then the chickens and now the bees.  I am sure though that this is just the beginning still as most Urban/Suburban Homesteaders are I am impatient to learn more and do more and post more!  Til’ next time….

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