The Hobby Greenhouse Tour was successful

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Me and Eric in Front of Our Greenhouse

This year we put our house on the local Hobby Greenhouse Tour. We are also members of the local Hobby Greenhoue Club.  It is a great club and Eric and I have learned tons!  The best part of being on the tour was meeting lots of new and interesting people.  We were given ideas on how to raise our honeybees, on how to save our peach tree, and I answered tons of questions about my chickens. 

The Greenhouse Front View

There is just a huge interest in chickens locally and many people asked me about how I raised ours.  We had a couple people take our pictures and Pam and Dan took a great picture of us and our greenhouse and emailed it to me right away…Thanks Pam & Dan!  My friend Lisa and her honey came on the tour and they won the Asparagus Fern we donated for the raffle.  I was so happy for her -my only complaint was I didn’t win anything from the raffle I really wanted this camellia badly! 

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