Our Bees Have Arrived!

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     I know after I have been mentioning our bees quite a few times they are finally here!  I was unable to go to the Bee Yard with my husband to pick them up but my daughter went with my husband and took a few pictures.    

I also got some great pictures of Eric putting on the sugar water mixture we are currently feeding them.  I have to admit they are remarkably peaceful and avoid you whenever possible.  I was standing by their water rock garden yesterday and they work hard to fly around me to get to the water.   I moved of course once I knew I was in the middle of their flight path.  Eric has gotten stung once he said it really didn’t hurt at all (he did not volunteer this information)  I quizzed him because it has been eons since I have been stung.  The last time was by a yellow jacket when we lived in our old creaky blue house.   We are enjoying the bees and we are definitely looking forward to some delicious honey next Spring! 

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