I grew Turnips/Rutabagas this year….

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One of My Beautiful Hearty Turnips

Turnips and Rutabagas are apparently easy to grow…..I did not know this…next year I will grow a much larger patch.  I mix mine in with mashed potatoes or chop them up in a roasted vegetable medley coat with olive oil and bake but many people do not know that turnips provide a significant source of dietary fiber and potassium.  They also are long storing vegetables and will keep in the refrigerator up to 4 months!  Wow!  This is a frugalites dream!   This way you can plan for turnips to be used in soups and in your long term cooking plans.    Turnip Greens are very high in Vitamin A and manganese and you can cook them just as you would collards or toss them in a stew or if all else fails the chickens absolutely love them!  😉

I have included a link to a recipe I plan to try called Finnish Turnips at All Recipes.com.  It actually looks like it is almost a dessert – I will post a review soon!  Enjoy your summer ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “I grew Turnips/Rutabagas this year….

    1. Rebecca that sounds delicious! Definitely share your soup recipe if you make some I don’t think people realize that we have more produce available to us then what is just at the grocery store and how you can grow an abundance of it! Great idea!

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