It’s Tomato Time!

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I have to say it has been a busy this summer and while I love canning I am torn between doing so many different activities and I have to say sometimes we have to have to remember to stay the course or to have good friends to remind us!  I truly love canning and I love the results.   Also to add to my inconvenience I cannot find my Ball Canning Book anywhere!  This is my Canning Bible and it is nowhere to be seen for now.  However I have the thinner version of the Ball Canning Book called The Ball Blue Book  and it sufficed to give me some good guidelines for canning these beautiful tomatoes from Thomas’s Produce in Burgaw, NC.  Tomatoes are truly one of those items you can that you can use in so many recipes and they are extremely versatile…..  I am posting pics of my tomato canning process.  Please do not be intimidated about canning.  I did not grow up in a canning household I am self taught.  It is a skill that can be learned by everyone and if you have either version of the Ball Canning Book you are on your way.  I have also posted some sites here for you to check out if you are wanting to start canning or if you are an experienced canner and you just want to check out something new:The Ball Canning SiteCanning Across America, and Food In Jars.


By the way if you find my canning book in your house can you bring it by the next time you stop in 😉

3 thoughts on “It’s Tomato Time!

  1. I don’t have your canning book! I know you are panicked! I love my canning book! Tomatoes look great! So glad we rode together to get them.
    Your homesteadin sistah!

  2. Hello, Your canned tomatoes look absolutely beautiful. Sorry you misplaced your book but it looks like you are doing well without it. It’s nice to have a jar of summer in the middle of winter.

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