I truly “Relish” Relish…

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A jar of relish waiting for me in the pantry

Relish is easy to make, very versatile and definitely has found its way into my pantry as a matter of fact it is a must for mine. I typically don’t have to buy a lot of relish out because I usually make enough every year and even if I have a failed batch which does happen from time to time I just called it pickle dressing…. Either way it works and it makes an everyday sandwich a spectacular sandwich (who doesn’t want that ;)…). I add it to tuna, chicken, ham, and egg salads. One thing people in general have gotten away from is salad fillings for sandwiches when the reason they have been around for forever is because they are economical and delicious! I used a good friend of mine Gayle Ann’s recipe last year and this year and I am always pleased with the results. I of course tweak the recipe based on what I have in the garden and that can change every summer. First I took about 8 to 10 cucumbers and washed them, I cleaned out the seeds but I leave the skin on and I run them through the food processor until they are basically almost pureed but not exactly. I have a picture of this, then I run 2 medium onions, a few peppers, through the food processor as well. If you follow the Ball Book guidelines or get a recipe from another Home Preserving Expert” you usually will end up with a great finished product.  Also another nice thing about stocking up your pantry is that you always have homemade gifts to share during the holidays.

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