Amy made it cool to be a “Tightwad”

The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn

      The Tightwad Gazette is a must have for every person who is practicing frugality, wanting to live a little greener,  someone who seeks some creative resources.  It is truly the Frugalite’s bible.  I owned my first set back in 1990 when I slowly got all of her books.  I remember thinking during the very spendy 80’s wow its okay to just choose another path and well Amy Dacyczyn did just that she helped an entire audience realize there could be another way.  Then I turned around and gave them all to another mother who was struggling with the financial reality of staying home with children for the first time.  I guess about 10 years ago I picked up another copy but now it is in one book format called “The Complete Tightwad Gazette” at the time it was probably $14.00 I believe its now even cheaper.  It was money well spent for example last night I wanted to make muffins well in the Tightwad Gazette is a very creative muffin recipe well that is easy, simple, and healthy!  Last night I made Cranberry, Honey, Oat muffins they were delicious!  She covers every topic under the sun from soups, the Christmas emotional experience, clothing organizing systems for all year round, and energy savings.

4 thoughts on “Amy made it cool to be a “Tightwad”

  1. Amy D. made it possible for me to become a stay at home mom 19 yrs. ago. Everybody, including my pastor, told me it would be impossible to do and that dh and I needed 2 incomes. I made it my job to live and save on his paycheck. Amy D made it easier to do that. I learned so many things from her.

  2. Markie that is very inspiring! I agree it was through Amy’s encouragement that I decided to stay at home years ago of course now I am back at work but I work a 10 month job close to my son’s school. It has made such a difference to give up commuting an hour and fifteen minutes each way. Absolutely!

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