Bedroom Make Over For A Teen Guy

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Well I am working on a “redo” on my son’s bedroom this summer. He is going to be starting high school this fall, the great thing about re-decorating your son’s bedroom is he absolutely does not care what I do with the exception of me painting his walls pink as one of my Facebook Friends mentioned….you know who you are if you ever stop by and read this 😉 It is a work in process and while I have a dream room that I am working around its slowly evolving to be quite different for several factors, budget, whats available locally, and my constant desire to re-use old objects and make them new again! It helps me to save money but I also feel good about not throwing things into the landfill.

So since my son did not have a huge criteria here were mine:
#1 To organize some of his photos and mementos
#2 To freshen up the walls with a new color maybe something more mature
#3 Clean out some stuff/junk of his that is not relevant to a high school aged kid
#4 To just clean out! 🙂
#5 Update and re-arrange because his needs revolve a lot more around his laptop and his Xbox etc….

Here is the dream room!

This project is not near completion at all one factor is that the trim we are painting in his room will be the trim color in the entire house and we are still deciding over this. However the paint on the walls is done. Also we will be putting laminate flooring in his room as well. I am going to post the before pics of his room and an after pic of the freshened paint color. I think I matched the paint pretty well from the dream room.
I shave spent hours shopping for a quilt that was similar to the one in the dream room and so far I have not found the perfect thing. My son’s theme will probably be a combination of beachy/sports and well I just haven’t found the right thing yet but I will find it I won’t give up! I promise I will post after pics when we are all done! Also I will keep track of my budget on this project right here so far I have only spent $17.46 on a gallon of paint and what a difference it makes if anything paint could probably be one of your best budget buys for decorating!

I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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