Dried Milk A Pantry Essential

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Homemade Bread made with dried milk

When I was a little girl my Mom used to mix our milk with dried milk about half and half it was a very clever way to stretch her grocery budget.  A lot of people would probably not do that now but do you know when I first tasted regular milk I could not stand it because it did not taste like what I was used to.  I think people in general do not really know what all they can do with dried milk.  I use dried milk when I make cornbread and biscuits when the recipe calls for milk and no one ever knows the difference.  Actually I get compliments often that my biscuits are so light and tender.  I am sharing some of my favorite websites with dried milk recipes maybe you will want to try them.

Jackie Clay’s blog from Backwoods Home Magazine my Favorite Food Storage Diva

Here is a link on Advantages/Benefits of Powdered Milk

Making Sour Cream From Powdered Milk 

Potato Bread

This site has some great dried milk recipes.

I have used dried milk in bread making for years however I have not made cheese or sour cream with it before.  I plan to try to do both this year as we are heading into very different economic times and grocery prices are continuing to climb.   I think to keep our families happy and well fed and stay within our budgets many of us are going to have to use some ideas we used occasionally as more of a regular occurrence in our cooking routines.  This is one area where using dried milk has been a occassional occurrence  in my household and will probably become more of a part of our regular cooking routine in the future.  Hopefully you will glean some new information from these sites like I did!  I cannot wait to try the rice pudding recipe soon!

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  1. My Momma and Mamaw always made bread with powdered milk and I use it too. I think it makes biscuits taste so much better 🙂 Blessings! ~ Nikki

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