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One of my very favorite magazines Backwoods Home

Backwoods Home Magazine will be offering my blog readers a one year subscription to their magazine.  A one year subscription (6 issues) to Backwoods Home magazine is valued at $24.95 but for us the savings have been far greater than that.   I am so excited about this giveaway!!!!  I actually have subscribed to Backwoods Home for years prior to that or I would run and grab it at the local book store or wherever I could find it.  It has a wealth of information packed in this magazine and I guess what is such a gem about this magazine is that there is something for everyone.  If you are new to homesteading this is absolutely one of the best resources for you as you can learn anything from do it yourself butchering, practical skills such as Chainsaw sharpening, preparing your pantry, building a solar greenhouse,  and practical cooking ideas, how to take care of your guns which are a practical reality of living a homestead lifestyle.

Okay so enough about how great I think Backwoods Home magazine is, I think you know by now how I feel about them, but what I haven’t shared with you is that I was published in the Letters to the Editor in the Backwoods Home in the September/October issue of this past year!  What is even funnier is that knowing how many subscribers they have that I thought I  most likely would not get my letter published so do you think the Letters to the Editor was the first place I looked?  No it wasn’t so it was about a week after we had the magazine that my husband said…”Hon, read these letters to the editor” and I scanned the page and I was so pleased to see my letter published but also thought it was funny I had read the entire magazine but the Letters to the Editor.  Note to self: never skip the Letters to the Editor, there might be something really  important in that section!

I remember that my family always had a small garden growing up and the freezer was always stocked with strawberry jam, one of my faves. Strawberry picking was a past time we loved to do every year as a family and I certainly was taught to be independent and resourceful, all skills which I am so thankful for however since we did not live in the country  I did not learn to can food, pressure cook, raise chickens and bees etc….The Viking in my life my husband Eric says he likes how the articles are broken down to the basic nuts and bolts so that any one can accomplish basic tasks of living off the land and enjoying what the earth can provide for us.   Ayoob’s articles are great – He has a vast knowledge of firearms and personal protection strategies.   Jackie Clay who I have been in awe of for years  has been a reliable voice that I have listened to for sage practical household advice and especially a topic that was new for me when I first started my homestead lifestyle “Long Term Food Storage”.  Claire Wolfe has also inspired me to embrace Homesteading as a way of life no matter where you are and what you are starting out with.   These are all skills that had to be learned and I share in my Letter to the Editor that Backwoods Home was such a great resource for us back when few Homesteading resources were available!  So the contest rules are simple; I am going to leave it open for 30 days from the date of this post.  The only requirement is that you have to comment on this blog. It could not be simpler, and once this giveaway is closed I will randomly pick a winner with  I hope you are as excited as me about this great giveaway!  Feel free to place the BackWoods Home Magazine Giveway Badge and Link on your page to spread the news!

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Backwoods Home Magazine One Year Subscription Giveaway from Lil' Suburban Homestead

105 thoughts on “Giveaway – Subscription to Backwoods Home Magazine

  1. We live simply by choice and have for over 30 yrs, but there is always something to learn. New safety issues for canning/storing food etc. Would love to read this magazine and see what there is to know or try in our neck of the woods. THanks.

      1. Just read your latest post, so I took a ‘trip’ to their website hoping to find some current articles and was soooo impressed! I have garlic to plant that my son gave me….I’ll be heading back to that site often! Thanks!

  2. You introduced me to Backwoods Home magazine and I love it. I am also friends with them on Facebook. I would love to win a subscription! Congratulations on this giveaway!

  3. I am relatively new to homesteading and would LOVE to have this as a resource. I used an Internet article from them on how to process grape juice (all 1 pint from our new grape vine), so I know they’d be a wonderful resource!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    1. Tracy this is exactly how I stumbled on to it. I needed information and you can always write Jackie Clay for some advice too if you don’t see a particular article listed that is also why we bought some back issues once although I think now they sell anthologies.

  4. I have some very old Backwoods Home Magazines I just received from an old neighbor…. we LOVE reading them– it was on my list of things to do to check out how much a subscription would cost!! To have a year free would be SOOOO awesome!!!!

  5. Jackie Clay’s blog is where I go when I have canning questions for sure! She is a huge inspiration to me. And Claire…Claire is amazing. I love her blog too!

    Sadly, in Canada, we never have BWH on the news stands, and I have yet to get a subscription-been meaning to, it just hasn’t happened yet. LOL! I would love to be entered for the chance to win one!

  6. This magazine looks like just what I need to continue to make baby steps toward self-sustainability. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Hi Karen,

    I just found you today through Amy of Homesteading Revival and then again at HT (sweet potato fries anyone?) Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a subscription. Backwoods Home looks like a great magazine. My husband and I are still pretty new to the homesteading idea but for the last few years we do whatever we can to live more healthy and self-sufficient. Thanks again and I look forward to visiting your blog more often!

    Have great evening!

    1. Sharon I saw your blog tonight and actually recommended it to a friend of mine it is right up her alley……you would love Backwoods Home Magazine! By the way thanks for sharing your sweet potato fries recipe with all of us!

  8. I would love Backwoods Home Magazine. I’ve been reading Jackie Clay’s articles online. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Wow this is probably the BEST giveaway I have seen, at least to me, this would be used more than anything else. I also love Jackie Clay’s Blog so anything that she is in has to be a gret thing, Please include me in the chance to win., Thanks

  10. I sneak in to peak at what you share on your blog every once in awhile. I often visit Backwoods Home website for information and although I’ve canned for years, I go to Jackie Clay for advice – she is so inspiring.

  11. I would love read this magazine. I have never seen it. I purchase Mother Earth News, Hobby Farm at my local Tractor Supply every month when we go in for supplies. I would love to add it to my “reference library” 🙂

  12. I just found your blog through Amy’s link up. I’d love to start getting Backwoods Home. Thanks for including me in the contest.

  13. I would absolutely love to be entered into this giveaway. I love magazines that show a simpler life and ideas.

  14. Wow. To find all this (you, this magazine, others) who are thinking like us – how to support yourself and not be so dependent on others – is wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to win this magazine. I can see by reading the other posts that this is a wonderful magazine. -Tami

  15. I love BWH and would love to have a subscription again. I do buy the anthologies and go to their website often.

    1. I have some of the anthologies too and the website is a great resource but I love going out to the mailbox still and getting my Back Woods Home magazine in the mail……and flipping through it. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  16. I have been gardening and canning for years. I have just started milling whole grains and making my own breads and flours. We have finally cut out process sugar. I would love to have a subscription to the Backwoods Home Magazine. Thank You for your Blog

  17. Great giveaway! I saw your signature line on HT and decided to come over and check out the giveaway 🙂 I’ve been getting BWH for a few years now and Jackie’s columns are my favorite. I always turn to the Letters to the Editor first though!

  18. I love this magaizine. I get it from TSC when it has articles that will help me. Please enter me in this awesome giveaway!

  19. I would love to have a subscription for my wife Lisa she is constantly trying new ways to do things in the Kitchen and she loves the old ways of doing things.

  20. As someone who is trying to simplify her life this subscription would be a lot of help. I am off to look at the website you gave for more tips and advice!

    1. So glad you stopped in I hope you glean some good information. A lot of the links in my blog roll are wonderful too and I will be continuing to add to this list. I am always striving to live simpler and be more efficiently while saving some money which isn’t all that easy to do anymore.

  21. I would love love love to have this magazine. Am trying to get more out of my small acerage and the articles in this mag would go a long way to educating me.

  22. Sigh, living in Holland makes it a bit difficult for a free subscription, isn’t it? But if (if, but I’m not a winning person…) I’m the lucky winner, perhaps there could be something done with the cost for shipping. (sorry about my English, but I suppose you understand what I want to say).

    1. Heidi Wow I am so excited someone all the way from Holland stopped by my blog! I don’t know how far Backwoods Home Magazine sends their subscriptions but we can cross that bridge if we come to it! Anyways Good Luck!

  23. Just found your blog through A Godly Homemaker. I love Backwoods Home Magazine. My subscription just ran out and our finances won’t allow me to renew at this time. I would be delighted if I win! Your blog looks great and I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say. Thanks for the giveaway and God bless!


  25. Oh, I’d love a chance to win! Better Half and I are actually toying with the idea of selling our home and living much more simply in a smaller, efficient home and basically simplifying our lives. Thanks for the chance!

  26. This sounds like a fantastic giveaway. My hubby and I are just starting to reevaluate how we do things in our life and what we want out of life. Homesteading and sustainability have been discussed many times and this sounds like a wonderful magazine to learn from.

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