A “Blankie” Made With Love

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I don’t pretend to be an expert seamstress because I certainly am not if anything I am a less than perfect sewer.  I learned this last year when I offered to sew vests for our school chorus only to find out it was just a little more advanced than my novice skills could handle.     However in spite of all this and in spite of never having taken a sewing class I love to sew!  I think its such a creative way to express your love to someone.  This past Spring was extremely tough for our family we had a very sick family member so during this time I threw myself into projects and one such was this “Blankie” I made for my niece Deanie.

I wanted this blanket to be special for her so it had to meet the following criteria:

  • It had to have a softie “satin edging around the blanket”
  • It had to have weight to it which is why one side is fleece
  • It had to have elements that could not be store bought (it had to look homemade too) which is why I appliqued the butterflies, and tied it with yarn and even embellished the satin with a very whimsical not perfect stitch
  • And only one person in this whole world had to like it…….and that was my niece Deanie….

So if you read my earlier blog post  posted in January of this past year on how I made the last baby blanket which incidentally I auctioned off for my school where I work for at a fund raiser.  So I guess someone must have liked it….;)  Well I made it following the same concept  for the most part all I did was change the size of the blanket to 5 X 7 and then just adjusted the dimensions.  I made it larger and I made a few changes but it was fairly easy as far as the basic design.    This blanket is not the most frugal project as far as projects go but I could not purchase a custom quilt for this price either.  However the look on her face in this picture is priceless!



4 thoughts on “A “Blankie” Made With Love

  1. KarenLynne,

    The blanket is just beautiful!!! I think Deanie’s smile says it all 🙂 I really need to learn how to sew, I took sewing in high school ages ago but haven’t touched a machine since then . Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing!


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