Filling Up The Storehouse

I always Joke That I’m Heading To Mancato In the Ole’ Covered Wagon

My friend Lisa from The Way Grandmama Does It and I went to  a major city near us to go to the Farmers Market, Trader Joe’s and the fabric store.  We got to have some girl time and a great lunch.  One of the really neat things about prepping your storehouse with a friend is that they can give you ideas and you can think about how to do things differently and learn from each other.  For example I have never in my life made boiled peanuts and my friend Lisa inspired me to try it so I boiled 10 lbs of peanuts last night for the first time ever and they taste wonderful actually.   I packed up a bunch for the freezer for wonderful nutritious snacks all winter.  They are a lot healthier than processed snacks from the grocery store.   I bought corn to freeze as well as some apples  and cider too.  At Trader Joes I stocked up on items that either are better or I can just get a better price there and also I can try something new.  We both tried the Edamame Hummus and it was amazing I would definitely get it again.   Going to Trader Joes by some standards is not the most frugal adventure because although I make my homemade chicken broth I do like to have some chicken broth ready to use in the pantry for when I am in a hurry and don’t want to thaw my own broth from the freezer.    I also like that they use mostly whole foods and not a lot of preservatives.  I buy treats for all the family members when I go and my son even though he is a teenager loves those gummy vitamins I have to admit I do too.  Lisa shared with me some of her favorite products one of which is an all-purpose cleaner so I thought I will try it I don’t like to clean with chemicals unless I absolutely have too  and I told her what some of my favorite products were.  I love the coffee at Trader Joes and I always get pure maple syrup as well.   I love real maple syrup on my pancakes and I envy my northern friends who tap their own but I shall have my own golden elixir soon……very soon….from our hives.

Lisa and I at The Farmers Market

We also went to the fabric store and I got some more fabric for another project I have coming up.  By the way if you did not know Walmart is bringing fabric back to the stores….when I saw this I was so excited.  We only have one other fabric store in our town and they were starting to get very pricey!  As you know Christmas is right around the corner so I am going to start sharing some of my homemade projects that I am making for the holidays too!    The possibilities are endless…

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