So are you a mover and a shaker or a passive popper?

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Popcorn Waiting To Be Popped

In some ways we don’t realize as consumers how passive we actually are…….You see I used to eat microwaveable popcorn but now I do not even allow it in my house.   Well that’s not entirely true if the grandparents bring us some I will let the kids have it but that is not very often.  Well first of all its a health issue for me so read the links below if  you are interested, second of all it does not take that long for me to pop my popcorn and third you could classify it as exercise.  Well I don’t know if it would count as far as Dr. Oz is concerned but you go get to move it and shake it around!

Here are a couple of articles I read about the chemicals in microwaveable popcorn that turned me off it for good:

Even though I love the smell of it as I walk down the halls at work.

Another advantage of popping your own popcorn is that you get to control the ingredients in your popcorn.  For example if you want to use canola oil which I recommend but you could also use olive oil.  You can use a lot of salt or not and the same with butter or you can even make your own herb seasoning to sprinkle on top!  My son often asks me to make my homemade popcorn on the weekends.    I use a popcorn popper like this one shown below but this one is from Lehman brothers and I don’t actually have this one…….I wish…;)  Of course there are now microwavable poppers that you can use without all the chemicals as well I have not even researched them at this point since I have been using my on the stove popper and have been happy with it.

Lehman Brother's Popcorn Popper

Yes you can buy just the economical popcorn at the store, you could go one step further and grown your own popcorn or you could shop for different popcorn varieties as well just to keep things interesting!
Anyway popping popcorn is also just good family entertainment so get your “kernel” on and get popping!  As always thanks so much to all my new subscribers and followers and thanks for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!
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