The Friday Night Pizza Challenge

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Yummy Vegetables From Our Garden Top Our Pizza

Okay everyone loves pizza right?  Well let me just say this everyone in my house absolutely loves pizza but even frozen pizza these days are expensive.  So with the exception of next Friday night.  We are going to have the Lil’ Suburban Homestead Pizza challenge.  Can I make a homemade pizza that makes me go mmmmmm or aaaaaaaah.  I kicked off the challenge tonight.  I made a white pizza and a traditional pizza loaded with toppings and all sorts of goodies.  I made the crusts from scratch, had to wait 2 hours for the dough to rise and it was pretty good but not “Great” good which is what I am shooting for so until I reach the pizza heights that I am searching for I will keep “kneading” on….;)

Our Version of a White Pizza

So do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share with me?  We have a pizza place near our house that has pizza that is just wonderful and amazing but their pizza is about $20 per pizza.  Our pizza right now is running about $4.00 a pizza however I would venture to say that if you purchased the ingredients in bulk you could go lower.

The recipe I followed tonight is on you can find it here.

Here is the recipe I used for the white sauce too.   Although I did modify the white sauce recipe I added aged balsamic vinegar instead of wine so I guess I made it my own which I always have a tendency to do.  As far as the other toppings and sauce I just used Walmart Brand Spaghetti sauce, mushrooms from the grocery store and veggies from our garden!

Who wants to take the Pizza challenge with me?  How much money would your homestead save if you did nor order pizza out or buy frozen pizza?  How much healthier would homemade pizza be?  I am focusing on consuming more whole foods as a family so yes while homemade pizza might be a little labor intensive its worth it to me now if only the kids were home…..instead of playing cards tonight or games my husband and I ate our pizza by oil lamp at our little kitchen table.  It was cozy and romantic on this fall evening  but this hearty pizza would have gone great with soda and noise too!

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