Backwoods Home Magazine Giveaway – Only One Week Left

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I cannot believe we only have one week left on this fantastic giveaway!  Yep that’s right the last day to enter is October 2nd!   Then some very lucky person is going to get a one year subscription to Backwoods Home Magazine!

I actually was going through some of my magazines from 1999 this week and enjoyed flipping through them.  The articles that inspired me then to having a “homesteading spirit” continue to do so today.   If you get a chance also stop by the Backwoods Home website to check out a few of their articles….one of my favorite articles I read today was “A Small Space Yields A Big Crop of Garlic” by Howard Tuckey…..I had actually already read it in my magazine but it is online as well  and I enjoyed that article tremendously and learned something new.

That is something Backwoods Home does that I think is very cool every month they post a few of their articles online that are in each issue.  I really like this because sometimes well if you are like me you just have to share something cool you found with someone else in your family or a good friend and if the link is already up on the website you can just send them the link but obviously an even better idea would be for them to get the magazine too.   Just saying….

Also this Canning 101: article by Jackie Clay is a favorite of mine and many other folks as well according to their website!

It’s still not too late to enter so if you want to enter.  Click here on the original post here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead.  The rules are easy all you have to do is comment on that post by the deadline that’s it.  Good Luck to all who entered I am so excited to find out who the winner will be!

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PS:  Don’t forget to read the Letters to the Editor first 😉

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