Backwoods Home Magazine Giveaway Closes at midnight tonight

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Open for comments until midnight tonight!

Just a reminder that the Backwoods Home Magazine giveaway closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced tomorrow!  If you have not entered go to the original blog post right here or you can click on the Backwoods Home Giveaway Badge I created up top and just comment that’s all you have to do!  I am so excited that the folks at Backwoods Home has offered this giveaway I wish you all the best of luck!  Also if you get a chance check out Oliver Del Signore’s blog I did today and really enjoyed some of his topics one that might in particular interest some of my readers is his blog post on “Is Unstructured , free play important for our children’s growth and development”, It’s well written and very interesting to me as I am a mother of two teens a 14 and a 19-year-old and on that note he even has some articles about young adults being self-sufficient along with whats to come energy wise for all of us consumers.  Check it out if you are like me I have a tendency to read my favorite authors over and over again and I sometimes have to be invited to look at or read something new.  That is the beauty of blogging we can all offer a fresh new perspective on things.   I wish you all the best of luck by the way if I haven’t already said over and over to everyone on this giveway 😉

Have a great Sunday everyone!
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