Special Announcement: Winner of The Backwoods Home Magazine Giveaway

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Now there is a very lucky person who will get to have a coffee table that looks just like mine!  I am so excited for this lucky winner because they now will have access to great homesteading resources, a wonderful Letters to the Editor section and lets not forget always read those first 😉  This magazine is packed with great information from soup to nuts on how to survive in these tough economical times and how to be a homesteader whether you are on hundreds of acres, just a few or if you are in the city.

and the winner is.....

As with my giveaway in the past the winner was randomly selected with “Random.Org”   .  Now on to the winner!

If you don’t know me well yet through these blogs you will know I like to get a little theatrical at times….so without further adue………Drumroll Please………………………………

The Winner of the One Year Subscription Backwoods Home Magazine Giveaway is:

“Prepared Teacher”

Please email me your address and phone number to lilsuburbanhomestead@gmail.com  so that I can have Backwoods Home Magazine send you your subscription.

And I have to give a shout out to Backwoods Home Magazine!!! Woohoo!   for sponsoring this giveaway….they are awesome!  If you haven’t gone to their site please do and go get to know their wonderful team there…..

Click on the Back Woods Home Magazine banner in the top right hand corner of my blog to go check out there website!  or you can click here too.  I have so enjoyed this giveaway because one of the main things that attracted to blogging was connecting with fellow bloggers and writers about homesteading so like all things this has passed but you never know I may have another giveaway just around the corner.

Thanks so much for commenting on this giveaway and hope you stop in again soon!

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4 thoughts on “Special Announcement: Winner of The Backwoods Home Magazine Giveaway

  1. YAHHHHH, I scared the dookie out of my husband when I found out, I screamed YES, and he jumped and was like what? what?…….Thanks so much…

    1. So happy and excited for you and I am so glad you found out! Don’t forget to email me your details so I can pass them on to the folks @ Backwoods Home Magazine! I was wondering when is “Prepared Teacher” going to post!!!! Again Congrats!

  2. Sorry, things got a little busy here and tonight was the first night I was able to sit and look at my favorite sites….

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