Football – Good Ole’ Fashioned Family Entertaiment

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My son is No. 74

Football season has been in full swing here and lately the folks around this lil’ suburban homestead have gotten tired as the games have been in full swing.  Up until last week my son’s team was undefeated.  However now that we know we only have 2 games left this season I am realizing that the exhaustion and crazy schedule will end that started way back in June and we will settle in for the winter.

Football is an American past time but not really one that I have always spent a lot of time following….we are often too busy planting a new crop or canning produce.  Of course now that my son is playing that all changed and we have become much more interested in Football as a sport but don’t ask me for stats on any player in the NFL I would fail miserably.

The really cool thing about Football though is that it brings family’s together.  I know our 19-year-old daughter will come to the games and get involved its pretty cool!  She cheers her brother on along with us proudly!  Not only that but it has instilled some amazing character traits in my son these are things he has always been taught but to see them in action is incredible.  You know things like being a team player, accountability, and having a positive attitude.  Football and sports in general keep kids active and off the computers and off of the couches; now that’s a great thing!

In the past we would sometimes go up to our local high school to enjoy a Varsity football game at our local high school.  I am not going to say it’s always affordable it can be about $6.00 a ticket but for the excitement, the feeling of being under the bright lights, the cheerleaders performing on the sidelines, the drama from the coaches it’s a lot more than a movie and you are supporting your local athletic programs for youth what could be better.

Hey just wondering have you been to a football game lately?

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4 thoughts on “Football – Good Ole’ Fashioned Family Entertaiment

  1. Football is really big in our small town. The whole town came out for the Homecoming game and the stands were packed! It’s fun to socialize in the field and to actually know the players on the field.

    1. Sharon I have to tell you I feel like I am in a movie when I go… almost feels surreal and since I work for the school system I know a lot of folks…its fun and as you said socializing and the packed stands make for an exciting evening!

  2. I love going to our small town football games, it is so great to get out and socialize with the community. It is great to support the kids and the schools, and I love the cool crisp air and the excitement! Great way to spend a Friday evening!

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