Our Bees Take Flight

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My husband called me outside the other day to tape our bees taking their first Orientation flights.   This is usually the first time they have flown outside the hive and it gives them a feel for where they live.

It was such a beautiful day and you could literally feel the joy from the bees as they were buzzing around……..

I hope you enjoy the footage!

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10 thoughts on “Our Bees Take Flight

  1. Exciting for you guys! We have one hive that is struggling a bit. Luckily, we still had a tiny bit of honey we robbed earlier so Chris fed them that to try and strengthen them a bit. Probably the last we’ll do for them. We hate to help them too much because we don’t want to encourage a weaker bee. Hopefully they’ll make it. I think they swarmed to late in the year and didn’t have a chance to build their stores with the main flow.

  2. The bees look as if they are enjoying themselves. That backdoor top exit/entrance is a great idea. I need to figure out a plan because my hive’s entrance might get covered in snow this Winter and shoveling out the hive entrance will not be on my to do list after an 8 inch snowfall.

    1. They did indeed seem that they were enjoying themselves. We do not get significant snowfall where we live but my husband says the bees will really not leave the hive all that much unless its warm outside. I wonder how those in the colder climates manage through some of those difficulties. Glad you checked the video out!

      1. lol Chris was sick this weekend so I went out and checked on them. They weren’t flying, it was too cold, so I’m sure I looked like a genius with my ear to the side of the hive, but hey, it works.

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