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This week flew by although it did not feel like it in the middle that’s for sure!  Last night we went to one of my son’s friends basketball game.  My son is not playing  a sport this season it is his off-season so he is in off-season training so the basketball game was a nice change and it was a very exciting game.  Our team lost but the very act of going out and showing our school spirit and getting involved was just a blast!

Then we all came back here and ate smoked chicken legs and I popped everyone popcorn and we watched a totally guy action movie!

But this morning is time to put my pedal to the metal and get some stuff done around our lil’ suburban homestead.  I am going to be sorting through seeds and getting my seed/gardening strategy blog posted next week.  We already have some Texas Blue Bonnets coming up in the greenhouse.  We also participate in a plant sale three times a year with our local gardening club and we are trying….key word “trying” to get some flowers together….for whatever reason vegetables grow extremely easy for me and flowers are an entirely different matter.

We also are just finishing putting our new floors in our house we have one room left this has been a project that started last March.   I was glad to have it done because the carpets had been in our house since 1989 and very much needed to be replaced.   I am very relieved to have it over with but I am thankful my husband the Viking in my life was able to save us so much money and do a little at a time.

So what do you have going on at your homestead?  What is your latest project?  Any home renovations going on while it is so cold outside and you can’t be in your garden as much as you like?  Is there a new vegetable variety that you just have to plant this year?

I got my Park Seed catalogue yesterday and I have to tell you I am really interested in getting some Cherokee Purple tomatoes and some of the yellow Ildi tomatoes…they are ready in 53 days!  There is nothing like pouring over the glossy colorful pages of a seed catalogue with the promise that summer is right around the bend.

So link up and share whats going on at your homestead!

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Happy Saturday everyone!


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17 thoughts on “The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Link Up

  1. We planted the Cherokee purple’s last year. It was the worst heat and drought that we ever had. These plants took the heat wayyyy better than any of the others… The Plants grew huge but limited tomatoes .

    We will try it again. Goof luck.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I have a stack of catalogues sitting on my sofa. Have you ever ordered from Farmer Seed and Nursery? I am thinking about trying them out. Park carries my favorite potted pepper, Redskin. I usually start them and give them to my grandmothers. They like that they don’t have to go in the ground. I’ve already tosses several catalogues simply because I am trying to cut back a bit on the variety this year and do a bit less experimenting and stick with those that I know do well in my garden. Cherokee Purple always performs for me and it tastes great. I think I want to do a few more determinate varieties this year. Still playing with some idea though. You, Lisa and I need to get together and share notes on what we have found really grows for us.

    1. Katherine Yes! We need to have a Seed Swapping Party and we can chat about our plans 🙂 Thanks for the vote on the Cherokee now that I have heard form you and Cindy it sounds like a winner! My favorite peppers have come from Burpee but I loved the Chocolate ones you shared with me and I am not sure where you got them!

  3. Floors look GREAT good job. Our order to an heirloom seed place is Beeing assembled and sent off this week. Think we are going to start some tomatoes inside way early, want to can about 40 qrt this year. We will be getting a few untaned buffalo hides this month for tanning, 1 king blanket 2 twin blankets a few throws and a rug are Beeing maid out if those. Working on some end stands also this week basses out if branches tops rough cut pine and tooled leather. Hope everyone has a great week

    1. Thanks so much! I would like to have about 40 quarts of tomatoes here! Last year I only did about 20 jars of tomatoes, a few tomato soups, and about 14 jars of salsa! Would definitely like to RAMP it up! Wow that is so cool about the buffalo hides you will definitely stay warm this winter! So you will definitely have to post pics of those blankets! Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Joy I know exactly what you mean….I think when you like to garden…raise chickens…raise bees….read books…play on the computer…blog….decorate….go to the beach…go fishing…there are only so many hours in the day…sometimes I wonder why aren’t there more at least on the weekends I do 😉

  5. I saw your picture and, I have to say, I hope my floors look like yours when they are finished. It is so pretty! My mom and I are turning a pre-built storage building into a little studio apartment, with a kitchen garden in the front, and we bought laminate hard-wood floors that look just like red oak.

    1. Laura red oak sounds beautiful….I think a friend of mine did hers in a similar color. Our house lets in very little light which is great for keeping cool in our hot sticky summers but we really needed to break it up with a lighter shade. Thanks for the compliment and I am so glad you came on over here!

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