Homesteading When Your Not In The Mood

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Sometimes I’m not in the mood to do all of the things I am supposed to do.  Whatever it is on my list that has to be done I just don’t want to do one more thing.  Of course I push through and usually get to everything on my  list but when I have been sick, the weather has been bad, or work has been stressful……it just doesn’t feel at all like the days when I check off my task list with a smile and keep on going instead it feels like I’m on a hamster wheel.

Jackie Clay wrote an excellent article about Homesteading Burn Out in Backwoods Home Magazine that resonated with me although she was referring to some hard-core homesteading and very real survival situations probably circumstances I am not sure I would even survive through I would like to think I would but I don’t know.  It probably isn’t posted on their website yet though one of the many reasons I love receiving their magazine in the mail.  I get the newest and greatest articles first!

Anyways here are some of my steps that I go through when I just don’t want to perform all my homesteading tasks anymore.

#1 If I am sick I let myself be sick….no sense keeping on if you don’t feel good.

#2  I try to go to bed early and get some rest.

#3  I play music while I am canning or drying food to make it more relaxing

#4  I try new recipes to keep things exciting!

#5  I work hard to keep things simple (for me quick breads are easier) so I do more of them!

#6  Sometimes I don’t force myself to finish a project and switch over to some easier “Instant Gratification” type projects so I can feel more accomplished knowing I will come back to that.

#7 Hanging Clothes on the clothesline this is the hardest one for me this time of year but I try to remember the savings when we get our energy bill.

We also attend a lot of Bee Keeping Meetings and Gardening Meetings and Events and sometimes you just know you have had too much on your plate so we skip them until we have more time and or energy.

So tonight I did make homemade sandwiches and my home canned tomato soup for supper and it was absolutely delicious and it wasn’t time-consuming.  Maybe once I get my taxes done and my paperwork caught up my homesteading projects will have the call of the siren once more……

I wish you all a beautiful week until next time!


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4 thoughts on “Homesteading When Your Not In The Mood

  1. Hanging clothes on the line- that’s the one I like the best. Isn’t it strange that someone’s favorite might be someone else’s least favorite? Too bad we can’t just live closer and do the jobs we like for each other.

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