A Late Winter Walk In the Garden

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The other day I took a walk in our garden.  This first picture is how we are mounding up our potatoes this year in our garden.  My husband simply fashioned a tomato cage, with straw, and dirt.  I posted this on Pinterest as well if you follow me you will see it there if you want to share this with others.  This is a very frugal and portable way of growing potatoes.  Oh and by the way I am planning on growing a ton of potatoes this year.  Here are my Yukon Gold Potato Starters that I layed out on the deck trying to encourage more eyes to grow.

I am often amazed at how much is going on in the garden even when we are still in late Winter and about a month still from the first day of Spring.

I even included a picture of our “Watch Owl” don’t know if it is effective but this was another one of the Viking in my life’s “Dumpster Dive” finds and every now and then when I spy it out of the corner of my eye it does scare me for sure 😉

My husband recently took the peppers out of the green house to clean off a few of the aphids they had on them and he left them out and they are dealing with this mild winter here in North Carolina magnificently.

My herb garden never ceases to amaze me the parsley is still beautiful, my Meyers Lemon Thyme I got from Shelton Herb Farm just looks beautiful and my Fennel is just getting unbelievably big.  I actually think I got my fennel from Shelton Herb Farm too.  My parsley I started from seed several years ago and it just keeps growing and growing…..

We have trees that we sell at our local plant sale that are finishing the end of yet another winter.

I spied some carrots, cabbages, and brussel sprouts enjoying this nice cool weather and I wanted to show you all a picture of the crimson clover we planted as ground cover in most of our buckets and some of our raised beds throughout the yard to help replace nutrients lost in the soil from previous harvests and it helps with the nitrogen levels.  For more info on using crimson clover as a cover crop click here:  My husband tells me you can also brew fresh or dried crimson clover flowers for tea also.  (I love multi use crops!)

We even have gourds that are drying out soon to be ready for some sort of Art Creation or maybe I will finally get my friend Cathy who is an Art Teacher at my school to help me learn how to paint these.  I told her I would give her a gourd full of seeds so maybe we can make an even trade!

It was beautiful here on Saturday and I took all of these pictures and today it is February 20th and I cannot believe the first day of Spring and the Spring Equinox is only one month away on March 20th.  Now we are super busy getting prepared for the busiest season of the year!

Have a great end of winter and don’t forget if you get a beautiful day go take a walk in your garden!


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8 thoughts on “A Late Winter Walk In the Garden

  1. I need to take a picture of my seed flats. I placed them over the heat registers in the house and they are going bonkers. Now that they have germinated I’ll move them out to the greenhouse. I was feeling impatient. Imagine that.

  2. Wow. — I can’t believe how much you have growing! We had a horrible cold snap the last three weeks and I’m itching for spring to arrive!! I’ve got to start getting our beds in order again and some seeds going. Gotta love spring!

    I host a weekly garden link up every Friday on my blog and I’d love to have you stop by! 🙂

    1. Tiffany I know everything looks so cold and dead in the winter this much produce around is because it was such a mild winter we haven’t even gotten any snow. Thanks for the invite to link up I will definitely come over and thanks for stopping over here!

  3. Hello Karen Lynn,
    I always look forward to your garden posts. Wow! Those peppers look beautiful. I can hardly believe my eyes with all of your gorgeous herbs. You and your viking have green thumbs indeed. Your pretty clover got me thinking about St. Patrick’s Day and peppermint… I am growing potatoes upward as well this year. I hope it turns out. I am using bamboo mats inside chicken wire and a t-post. Your cabbage looks yummy and the gourds are neat. My sister-in-law grows and decorates hers too. She carves and wood burns some and she recently made the prettiest butterfly carving/painting on one. She uses metallic paints and wood stain. I don’t know much else. Good luck with yours. I hope you post what you do with them. have a GREAT week and thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

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