Examine Your Insurance Policies With A Fine Tooth Comb

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It’s been a while since I have posted in my “money talks” categories but often people sign up for different insurance policies and then fail to utilize them.  For example we have a Medical Bridge policy that pays out on many out-patient surgeries claims and I almost failed to collect on it.  I was meeting with our Insurance representative  I meet with yearly and I was telling him how I was thinking of dropping our Medical Bridge because it wasn’t worth it since I had not received one payment on it yet.  Of course having an athlete for a son he urged me to keep the policy and then he pressed on and told me to share some of our medical procedures from this past year and when I relayed to him an outpatient surgery procedure that one of us had performed this past year he told me that would qualify.  I protested and said but that’s not on the list in the book and that’s when I learned the secret he told me you need to file for every outpatient procedure you have because he said you never know what is covered and that the list they go by was much more expansive in the claims review process so because of my ignorance about insurance policies I might have let this one get right past me.  Instead I will get a chunk of change that is now going to be my vacation budget for the summer.

Every year you should review all of your insurance policies.  Re-evaluate your car insurance and make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.  Also make sure you understand your Disability policy or any other policies you pay for.  Make sure these policies will work for you when you need them!

Hopefully someone out there will read this and realize they failed to send in a wellness claim or file on some other claim this year.

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