It’s Mater Time

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This is a pick from 2010 but I loved the tomatoes on the sill. My yard no longer looks like that now that I have the raised beds.

It’s that time of year when I am supposed to be canning tomatoes.  I have earmarked Friday to go pick them up and will then spend my weekend canning tomatoes.  I grow quite a few tomatoes but not enough to put up the volume we need.

This year I am keeping it simple and we will put up lots of canned tomatoes and salsa.  If I have some patience I may try some barbecue sauce or spaghetti sauce but doubtful I will be patient enough.  I can admit my weaknesses 😉

We mostly froze or dried the fruit this year as because of sugar issues we are no longer much of a jam family.  So we dried figs and apples this past year  to put in oatmeal and I froze my strawberries and later today I will be freezing some blueberries.  I love frozen fruit in my non fat smoothies I make with non fat greek yogurt…YUM!    I figured by next year I will be out of jam and then maybe I will make some light strawberry jam again.

I love reaching into my own pantry and grabbing out my homemade salsa or tomatoes which are so much more superior to store bought products….don’t you?

So what are you putting up right now?



12 thoughts on “It’s Mater Time

  1. Thank you for the ping-back! We also enjoy buying bulk (when it’s in season) and freezing or sharing. I’ve yet to try canning anything (it’s rare I get a weekend to commit), but when my garden’s overflowing, I simply share with my neighbors and friends — or trade with my local farmer for something I’m not growing.

  2. I’ve been doing strawberry jam and freezing strawberries. 🙂 About to move into raspberries. I’ve been freezing herbs.
    My tomatoes are still little green babies. I buy canning tomatoes in bulk, too. 🙂

  3. I’ve been canning soups. Nothing much ready in the garden yet, but my tomatoes have only been in for 6 weeks or so. I have 37 plants this year, but, if like last year, it’s not enough, I’ll go to our local u-pick,and get more. Last year, at the end of the season, the u-pick owner made me the offer of, if I took all the tomatoes left she had, she’d sell them to me for $.39 a lb! I’m hoping for the same deal tis year! 🙂

    1. Wolfsong what a deal! I am impressed! I only have about 12 tomato plants and I use them to put in omelettes, make tomato sandwiches, and homemade fresh salsas YUM! but not nearly enough to can! Good luck on getting the same bargain 🙂

  4. Hi Karen,
    It’s always fun to hear what other people are preserving…although sometimes it makes me feel inadequate 🙂

    So far I’ve only been freezing things this year. There hasn’t been enough of anything to can. I’ve put up beets and greens so far. I just picked a mess of beans to freeze this afternoon.

    Happy Independence day!

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