Christmas Morning Scones

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Oh my!

I absolutely love scones…..I love how heavy, creamy and how they crumble just so if they are made correctly and they are certainly filling so when I found a recipe for them that looked simple enough I decided to give it a go it had been a while since I had made scones.  I actually can’t remember the last time I made them and after having them I don’t know why I waited for so long.

getting ready to cut the butter in the dough
Here I am getting ready to cut the butter into the dough until it resembles crumbles.

For the past couple of years I have been ordering a frozen pre-made pastry from a friend of mine because her daughters have been having fund-raisers to raise money for various events and these came in an array of flavors such as cinnamon and blueberry cream cheese so on Christmas morning we have been having these as a special treat as they are not inexpensive.  This Christmas however she was not selling them and I wanted to make something special for the family along with the Crockpot Breakfast Casserole I made.  (Blog post coming soon!)

whipping the cream, eggs,
Whipping the cream and eggs together

These were so easy to make and I did tweak a recipe I found on the internet but not by much but I want to share how I made them with all of you.  I was also very excited to use my vintage pastry cutter which by the way works like a charm.

cinnamon flour mixture
I decided to make these cinnamon scones.

Do not be intimidated by using a pastry cutter you can do the same job with a fork and I think I found my pastry cutter at a yard sale for a buck or so.  Your kitchen tools do not need to be expensive they just need to be functional!  The Recipe I tweaked is this one here “Simple Scones Recipe”.  It was so easy to follow the instructions without too many pictures.  I like a few pictures placed appropriately in a blog post however too many pictures and I start losing track of what I was doing in the first place 😉  The only thing that I did different with their recipe was instead of adding currants I added cinnamon but you could really add anything you wanted.  You know my motto…”Keep It Simple!”.

cutting the scones
Time to cut out the scones!

To cut out the scones I am using a fluted biscuit cutter that my Mom purchased me a couple of Christmas’s back however you could do this same job with the end of a drinking glass.  I do like the effect though of the fluted lines… could also use some nice cookie cutters found at a yard sale or on sale at the store.

scones almost done
They are almost done!

The scones pictured above are almost done and almost ready to come out of the oven.  I should also mention in addition to tasting very luxurious they are so  much more inexpensive and frugal than going to the bakery to pick up an item for Christmas morning.  The only item I actually purchased for this recipe that I did not already have was the heavy cream which I used in several other recipes.  Total cost of this recipe was probably around $1.80.  I served them up with lemon curd and some whipped cream but you could purchase clotted cream as well.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!



PS – I chose a bunch of scone recipes listed below for you to peruse mine were rather plane but their are some listed that look quite delectable!  But don’t let the simplicity of the recipe I chose fool you they were absolutely delish!

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