Grilled Bang Bang Shrimp Kebabs

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grilled bang bang shrimp kebabs

I was inspired by a recipe I found on the internet to make some healthy Grilled Shrimp Kebabs however I didn’t have the exact ingredients so they kind of became my own but here is the inspiration recipe at “Bangin’ Grilled Shrimp Skewers” one of my favorite healthy food blogs!  She has tons of kebab recipes and I plan on trying another one this week so definitely go over there and check it out you will bookmark this site too!

My version is a little different from hers but there are several other recipes that are similar out on the internet just pick one you like and try it; of course I hope you will try mine 🙂  These are really easy but you are going to need about 20 minutes for prep time which feels like a long time to me but you have to remember  I am the lady that loves cooking with her slow cooker or crock pot any ole’ day of the week because I love to keep things easy and simple.  The time it takes for this recipe though is totally worth it.

First gather your ingredients:

  • 2 lbs. of 31/40 count shrimp ( I bought mine peeled and deveined on sale)
  • Low fat mayonnaise (my family loves the olive oil mayo)
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Pepper Sauce
  • Cracked Red Pepper
  • Green Onions
  • Feeds 4 people


Next soak your skewers…I only soaked mine about 10 minutes but 15 to 20 minutes is probably better:

soaking skewers

Next start loading your skewers I loaded about 6 per skewer to ensure that everyone would get 3 skewers for dinner (so about 12 kebabs total) and by the way shrimp is light so the only complaint I received from my lineman son is that I should have made more and that’s a complaint I don’t mind receiving 🙂

shrimp on skewersWhen they are all loaded you should have a plate full that looks like this:

loaded shrimp kebabs

Putting the shrimp on the skewers is the time-consuming part the rest is easy!

Mix 3 TBSP. of low-fat mayo

2 tsp. of tabasco sauce and

2 TBSP. of sweet chilli pepper sauce

and stir…

Then brush this mixture on the skewers I use my silicone brush for this task.


sauce for skewers

Chop the green onions but then set aside to garnish the shrimp at the end I love the fresh crunchy taste combined with this shrimp it is delicious!  I only needed to chop up two of them…I simply slice each onion long ways and then I go back and chop it all up!

greenonions chopped

These kebabs only need to cook for about 8 minutes total so watch them closely on the grill and you may want to flip them about halfway through!  My husband “The Viking In My Life” did a great job as Grill Master 🙂

I also served this shrimp up with another recipe from Skinny Taste “Roasted Corn With Cilantro Butter” and I followed the recipe exactly other than I did not use the light butter because I did not have any on hand, I used less cilantro and I did not have chipotle powder but I did have cracked red pepper and it was amazing!

mexican corn

I also made a Tomato/Cilantro/Green Onion Salad kind of like my own version of a Mexican Salad that was delicious and it was so light and fresh we did not need a dressing at all with it.

mexican salad

And I served it all up with some take and bake wheat bread which was delicious too.  Here is our dinner!

shrimp dinner

Have a great Sunday everyone!  I hope I have inspired you to try something new for dinner and with recipes like these it is easy to eat healthy!  We are still trying to decide what to put on the grill tonight! 🙂  One of the most compelling reasons to eat in or eat at home is that not only is it easier on your wallet but you avoid the high saturated fats, high sodium, and all the sugar that restaurants throw in your food to keep you coming back.

PS – By the way I did not add any salt to any of these recipes and they all tasted fabulous so if you are on a low sodium diet  you may want to try them of course shrimp in itself is high sodium food so you may want to try the corn if you are on a very strict low sodium diet.



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