Tantalizing, Tempting, Tomatillos

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tomatillo harvest
These were all scooped up in my t-shirt nice to see I brought a hitchhiker along 🙂

In the past we have had a bountiful crop of tomatillos but this year it is the distinct pineapple tomatillo that my friend Katherine shared with us that has kept me going outside and picking them up off of the ground they are amazing!  They do not truthfully taste like a traditional tomatillo but actually more like a pineapple but don’t just take my word for it if you are not growing them now they can be had at a variety of places they are just difficult to find.  They sell them at Dustbowl Seed here if you are wanting to get some of your own and my favorite seed company Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has some tomatillos as well just not the pineapple variety.

The funny thing is that there is a an entire possibility with these pineapple tomatillos that is completely different from traditional tomatillos because I could see myself topping a ham pizza with these they are incredible.  We are also thinking of pickling some of these guys because we think  they would make a great before dinner snack oh yeah!

These green gems are packed with flavor and are delicious!

These tiny yellow green orbs almost remind you of peas but a completely different tantalizing flavor is waiting for you when you bite into one of these! (They are best when they are yellow but still good when they are green!)  I was so excited I had to share how wonderful our tomatillo harvest was before I posted about what I was actually going to do with them…..I do like eating them straight up by the way nothing not too like about them.  It would definitely give your Salsa Verde a twist which I absolutely love making and freezing for later use.  My favorite way to eat Salsa Verde is just to pour it over some chicken burritos bake and serve with salsa and non fat greek yogurt.

The funny thing about tomatillos is one year we had a bumper crop of the huge tomatillos, then the next year or two nothing then this year these pineapple tomatillos are volunteers that we are finding all over the yard they seem to love this wet hot weather we have been having all summer!  I think they would have been bigger actually if we had not had all of this rain but that is just our theory.

What is your favorite crop you are harvesting this year?  On a funny note I noticed that I typed the word tomatillos numerous time in this post….can you say “Tantalizing, Tempting, Tomatillos ten times fast! ha ha LOL!  Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday!



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8 thoughts on “Tantalizing, Tempting, Tomatillos

    1. Evie I typically make these up into a salsa verde…very similar to how you make salsa but it’s really fun to roast them first and they get a nice smoky flavor but we are thinking about pickling these this time because they are yummy by themselves 🙂 Thanks for commenting and stopping in!

  1. Well, I hadn’t thought about putting them on a ham pizza. That’s a great idea. These are pretty good weeds to have. 🙂

    1. Katherine I have had pizza a lot on my mind lately that was my brain child instead of going out and spending the money on the pineapples why not? By the way thanks for sharing this awesome weed with us that I think will be around for generations to come 🙂 Love having awesome garden friends like you!

    1. Evie I will have to look into this and fix it in the meantime I facebook pm’d you another recipe I use. Thank you so much for stopping in 🙂

  2. You are going to laugh, but I have a tomatillo plant as well it’s about 2 years old although it’s bearing no fruits. How long before anything will happen? I’ve had 2 so far the first year. I have to keep it in a pot though over the winter.

    1. Mr. CBB Tomatillos are crazy right now they are ALL over my yard just coming up wherever they want for 2 years we have had nothing going on with Tomatillos and then the year before that we had them everywhere……I think they love HOT weather have you had a hot summer? We actually have joked about this at our local gardening club because some people get tons of tomatillos and some get NONE! We all live in the same area give or take a few miles so how does this makes sense? I would definitely get a couple of varieties of them and see if that helps too. So glad you stopped in 🙂

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