Shop Local, Small Biz & It’s Time For The Holidays!

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Owners of Wilmington Home Brew Supply
John & Michelle Savard; Owners of Wilmington HomeBrew Supply

We are very committed to shopping local or supporting small businesses this year so I wanted to share with you a list of places I am definitely going to shop at this holiday season and some places that are not local but they are small businesses that have some really cool things you know the kind of things that are unique and you just can’t find anywhere else!  Another compelling reason to shop local and shop small plus you will feel better about it too! Remember there are a lot of small businesses online that need your support too… if you don’t want to sew a blanket ask some one who does to make one for you or find an artisan on  We have a store on for Lil’ Suburban Homestead right now I am offering my no-sew blankies for sale so if you are in the market check it out 🙂 Also lots of people cannot get out and shop due to traveling time, physical limitations etc… they can feel better by supporting a small Mom and Pop outfit as well. So this blog post is a little different from a lot of mine in the past it will have lots of links for you to do your holiday shopping at but I love some of the products I am going to share with you and I think you will too!

The Local List

#1 This will be my go to gift this holiday season is a “Freaker” this company is a local company in South Eastern North Carolina and you just can’t go wrong with these!  Everyone on your list would be happy to get one of these!

#2 Wilmington Home Brew Supply is your holiday place to shop for home brewing supplies and or really cool t-shirts.  I am actually addicted to their t-shirt the design is awesome and I love the colors!  If you don’t have one it should be on your list even if you don’t home-brew.  The owners John and Michelle who are in the photo at the top of the post provide personal service and attention as well as providing a wealth of knowledge regarding home-brewing.

#3 Pomegranate Books is a local book store in Wilmington that has buyers that are out of this world I am telling you if you need the book they will find it and they still gift wrap and offer all of the personal touches that you just can’t find anymore at the big chains.

#4 – Gravity Records – This is such a fun store and the folks that work in the store absolutely love music!  They host events to launch new musicians, if you love vinyl have they got some vinyl for you and me I love to browse their cd collection to continually expand my music collection. Oh and they have movies too!

#5 – Memory Lane Comics – is a local comic book store where I recently had a talk with one of the owners and they are moving to a new location and I cannot wait to do some of my holiday shopping at their new location next week!  There new location is at Market Station on Market Street in Wilmington, NC. make sure to stop in!

#6 – Shelton Herb Farm – Meg Shelton is a friend of ours and she runs a beautiful herb farm in Leland, NC.  I am sure she has some holiday offerings at her farm this December!  She is very knowledgeable about what grows well in North Carolina.

#7 – Earth In Hand – I met the owner Victoria she is committed to finding the finest materials to make her lotion bars and balms along with providing Chakra healing just to name a few things.  I already told her I need her to work on my chakra and that I would be scheduling an appointment soon.

#8 – Down To Earth – is where I ask my husband to pick up my custom or almost custom-made perfume made from essential oils every Birthday and Christmas!  It smells amazing!  They also sell incense and jewelry I love this store!

#9 – Old River Farms – has a lot going on this Holiday Season!  Saturday December 7th they  will have a Christmas hayride with hot chocolate and a marshmallow roast!  That sounds so fun!  Then they will be at Poplar Grove on December 8th so make sure to look for them they will have winter plants for sale 🙂  Another plus of living in the Wilmington area we can still buy plants in the Winter 🙂 Make sure to check out there website here too: Old River Farms

#10 – My last shout out is to tell all of you about the Port City Christmas Jam CD that will be for sale this holiday season in our wonderful town.  Musicians from all over the Port City came together for a good cause all proceeds are going to Nourish NC!  Make sure to get yourself a cd!  Our Daughter Jules Britt will be featured on this CD singing Santa Baby and several of our favorite bands!  Also on Saturday Dec, 7th the 1st Annual Port City Christmas Jam event will be held at The Wilmington Convention Center starting at 10:00 am to kick off this wonderful cause you won’t want to miss it!

There is so much going on this month in Wilmington that you may need to clone yourself!

Next is my small biz list and I can’t wait to share all about these great online stores with all of you!

These stores are chock full of beautiful items and you will be sure to find several I am sure to help you finish out your holiday shopping!

The Small Biz List

1. Timber Creek Farm (Specialty – Home Grown Wool and Handmade Yarn)

2.  MereWare

3.  Black Fox Homestead’s “Apron Strings and Happy Things” (Specialty again it says it all Apron Strings & Happy Things” a very fun store!”

4.  The Mind to Homestead (Specialty- Crocheted Dish cloths & cozy’s)

5.  Fresh Eggs Daily (Specialty All Things Related To chickens Including  A Book About Raising Chickens)

5.  MomPrepares Garden Journal (Specialty – A Garden Journal Perfect for your favorite gardener!)

6. Pantry Paratus (Specialty – All products for the self-sufficient kitchen – a cook’s dream website!)

7.  DaybyDay Goodies (Specialty – Drink Coasters they are beautiful!)

8.  1840 Farm (Specialty – Trivets, Baskets, Farm House Aprons-  Gorgeous items!)

9.  Once and Again (Specialty – Vintage Fabric Second Hand)

10. Joybilee Farm (Specialty – Natural Wool Dryer Balls, Soaps, and Angora Neat Stuff!)

11.  ktnunna handmade jewelry & accessories (Specialty – Jewelry and it’s beautiful and this one is made by a local artist in South Eastern NC so you can feel extra good! :)…..)

12.  Survival at Home (Specialty – Paracord Bracelets (great color selection), knitted bracelets, dolls, and pillow cases! Nice selection!)

13.  Ever Growing (Specialty – Pendants all unique and one of a kind designs, purses, and cozy’s! I love the pendants!)

14.  Simply Herbs Country Store

15.  Yonderhill Farm Goat Milk Soap (Specialty – Soaps, Soaps, and more soaps and they are all so pretty!)  

16.  Trayer Wilderness MultiFlame Tools (Specialty is the Multi Flame Tools The Title Says It All but the site has great info so either way check it out!)  

***Also just note this is all my unpaid unbiased opinion none of these businesses are giving me any gifts or any money for sharing my views. ***

Here is another blog post on this very subject of supporting small business from Mom Prepares….it is a lovely blog post! Wishing you all a beautiful week and fun-filled holiday shopping that makes you feel good too!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


If you have any favorite online small businesses or local businesses in South Eastern, NC feel free to give them a shout out in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “Shop Local, Small Biz & It’s Time For The Holidays!

    1. Katherine that is so funny I was just telling my husband tonight that you had ordered a bunch and of course I was waiting for them to have a Big Black Friday Sale I didn’t know for sure they would be having a sale but I suspected as much and as much as I believe in supporting local I am still on a budget and I love the Mystery Freaker deals! We have done that in the past and been pleasantly surprised it is how I got my pink panda Freaker 🙂 Hope you have had a good weekend so far!

    1. Khristi you have beautiful jewelry I knew others would love to see it too! I have had several friends say they are using this shopping list to do their holiday shopping this season! 🙂

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