Bee Friendly Garden Kit Giveaway – Ends This Saturday!!!!

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bees rock giveaway from runamuk acres
Hi everyone!

There is still time to enter a fantastic giveaway at “Runamuk Acres” we are likeminded homesteading bloggers and well her blog is just a joy to read trust me and if you haven’t visited her site yet now is the time!

She will choose 5 winners each winning a packet of wildflower seeds! Have I told you how much I love wildflowers….I am entering right now and above and beyond the wonderful seeds my good friend Angi at Schneider’s Peeps Gardening Notebook Ebook is going to be available too!

wild flower mix

I let them know that I would happily share about this giveaway however time is running out soon it ends this Saturday at 11:59 pm so hurry up and get over there! You don’t want to miss out!

Remember how critical our bees and pollinators are to the Earth and support your local beekeeper!

Have a great Thursday night everyone!

Karen Lynn

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I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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