Table Scraps or Future Meals?

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Table Scraps of Future Meals?

Hi ya’ll!

Hope this post finds you well! We had a wonderful weekend going to visit our daughter and going to the flea market with her, she has a wonderful pool where she lives so we did a little swimming and just as every year I unfortunately got an ear infection from my first dip in the water. I am going to be okay but I am resting today with the heating pad and using some essential oils to heal myself both Rosemary oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Immunity are all good to help mend an ear infection. I continue to learn more and more about essential oils but if you haven’t used them click here to learn more!

This week my radio show was on the topic of “Table Scraps or Future Meals” and how to keep more money in your wallet, save on groceries, and keep food that would otherwise go into the trash or the compost bin in your menu planning. With a little extra planning, forming a few new habits and creativity this can be done with ease and simplicity. Whether you are new to the art of creative repurposing of food or a seasoned veteran I have something for everyone in this podcast!

I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to listen to my latest show!
Table Scraps or Future Meals?

“If you have a home you’re a homesteader!”

Karen Lynn

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2 thoughts on “Table Scraps or Future Meals?

  1. We hardly ever throw out food because we do re-purpose to make a different meal or we simply just eat it. We have friends who never eat leftovers and everything gets tossed in the bin. You can imagine their grocery bill how expensive it may be. I think having written so many grocery articles of the past almost 3 years we’ve learned so much on our own and from the fans. It’s always nice to get fan feedback. Cheers Karen for sharing. Mr.CBB

    1. Mr. CBB I have gotten so creative too and learning that you can toss leftover bacon in to that dish or add peas from the garden to this…it’s basically like Repurposing Food! Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂

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