100 Items Pantry Challenge

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I have been busy canning, blogging, spending time with friends, and trying to get this suburban homestead a little bit more organized. Maybe that is why this weeks fave called out to me…..maybe…;) I love an efficient and organized pantry!

I can’t wait to share this week’s fave of mine because this is a blogger that I have followed for YEARS it seems the blog owner is Patsi and she has been the beautiful author and site owner of A Working Pantry and this lady can put some food up and not only that she takes joy in helping others to learn this lost art, she also is very creative at canning and sometimes will preserve or put up food that I hadn’t even though about canning before. If you haven’t stopped by Patsi’s site before you will want to bookmark her site for sure!  I think you will agree that her pantry is amazing!

a working pantry

The thing I loved about this post 100 Items Challenge is that Patsi is constantly challenging herself and holding herself accountable to meet her prepared pantry goals, her home goods are just beautiful and instead of being like me where I am thinking let’s see how much I can put up but if I don’t I will freeze the rest. Patsi is committed to reaching her goals and quite frankly she inspires me! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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