Have you heard of the Moringa Seed? & Moringa Seed Giveaway!

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moringa seed giveaway


Good Morning everyone!  Today I am going to tell you about our Moringa Seed Giveaway!  Have you heard of the Moringa herb?  I hadn’t either but have I got a giveaway for all of you!  I am so glad I have heard of this seed now and you better believe I am getting some for myself!

I had the opportunity to join with Karen at Blue Yonder Urban Farms and some other fantastic bloggers to offer this chance to you.  Once I heard of all the amazing properties of this seed I thought my readers must have an opportunity to win this!

So let me share some information with you!  The Moringa is an ultimate prepper food source much like the Jerusalem Artichoke plant but it brings much more to the table.  Not only does it supply an abundance of food some say it tastes similar to asparagus it also has many other valued properties.


moringa seedSo let me list here all of the prized qualities of this seed/plant:

Supplies an abundance of food

Exceptional Shelf Life

High Concentrations of Vitamins

The leaves are an amazing source of Vitamin C

Dried leaves retail nearly all nutritional value

All parts of the moringa have been used to treat numerous ailments including skin cancer

Use the seeds to purify water

Moringa Seeds will improve soil quality

You can feed Moringa seeds to your lifestock

Moringa seed pod oil can be used to create bio-diesel

Provides Protein and Amino Acids

So much more!

Isn’t this the kind of “Prepper Seed” you would like to have on hand and always at the ready?  I know I would!

Enter for you chance to win this prized seed!

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Good Luck everyone!The giveaway starts now and runs until August 13th.  There are lots of opportunities to enter this giveaway! Don’t want to wait you can order your own seeds now because they are offering a 
coupon code for 20% off 50 or more seeds until the 2nd.  Oh, and the code is YJ8BY9.


Karen Lynn

29 thoughts on “Have you heard of the Moringa Seed? & Moringa Seed Giveaway!

    1. Of course Gary although I did think it was neat that you can use the seeds to purify water that is awesome! I am planning on building a raised bed just to grow them!

    1. Sally I think they are going to be very cool! I am completely intrigued and fascinated! Isn’t that the way with all of us gardeners? I grow stuff and then I don’t have a place to put all of it LOL!

  1. I can’t wait to have a garden of my own! I miss helping my parents and grandparents in their gardens.

  2. I am growing them for the first time this year. From what I know, they have a tap root that takes some time to develop, leaving the leafy part on the small side until it’s established. My plants are in that stage for now, but the like even the worst soils and every single seed sprouted!!

    1. Jessica thanks for sharing that we have tough soil conditions here in Coastal NC lots of sand! Good to know! I appreciate your comment and you sharing your knowledge of this power packed herb!

    1. Jan I am very excited about this plant too! It’s fun to learn about them and to try your hand at growing them too! Thanks for your comment!

  3. I have done container gardening this summer on the deck of our little townhouse. Mostly herbs, but I have a large pot of sweet potatoes and I did grow garlic. My favorite was the lavender.

    1. Elaine…I grew a sweet potato vine out front by my mailbox it was so much fun! I absolutely love lavender thank you so much for sharing and stopping in to comment! Any plans for the fall?

  4. I am so sad and so jealous not having much of a garden this year as we were going to move. I did herbs in pots and have to be content with that… so with that said, I am living vicariously through sites like yours. I will do a fall garden this week and even through the winter as much as I can. All in pots in case we find a house we like and actually do move. I will be able to take everything with me. I am still learning so much about gardening in the Pacific Northwest. I can’t wait to really “dig in!”

  5. I just was able to view your blog again and was so excited to see the give away. I have been using the plant for years and it has really helped my son with his asthma, my high blood pressure so many benefits I can’t name them all. I would love to have them to plant in my permaculture garden. And me and my family would have them forever! Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Valerie good luck on this giveaway it’s one that I was proud to partner with Blue Yonder Urban Farms on 🙂

  6. we do love a truly versatile seed .. would love to give this a whirl, to see just what all we could do with it.

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