It’s Our Bloggiversary & Giveaway Celebration!

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its a celebration
Wow! What an accomplishment our Lil’ Blog is Celebrating Yet Again Another Milestone!

I can’t believe it everyone! It’s another Milestone this year and a Happy Bloggiversary and I am so excited I have to offer a giveaway for 1 lb of our beautiful honey to one of you lucky readers! Because it is honey it is only open to the Continental US that being said if you are in Canada I am going to offer you the opportunity to win either 12 Beautiful Candy Roaster Pumpkin Seeds and or some excellent fishing gear! Assuming it is a reader in Canada who wins one of the top three spots! I am so excited that I can have winners from the US and Canada for this momentous occasion. Woohoo it’s a party around these here parts LOL!

In my five years and going strong I have learned so much from all of you! I have received letters and comments of encouragement, amazement, disagreement at times and even constructive criticism that being said you all make my life richer and are on this amazing journey we call life with us. In our quest to live gentler upon this earth you have joined with us along the way!

We will always share what is going on here at our homestead whether we are dealing with bugs in the greenhouse, new recipes, our favorite diy projects which we have tons, a bedroom re-do, the harvest, our favorite solutions, money talks, and football I can’t forget that I’m a Football Mom and I know that comes out in my posts!

Since we began this journey we now have one foot in the empty nest our daughter has now moved out of the nest, my son is a Senior in high school and we have lost family members who we deeply miss.  You all have been on this journey through out the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly….isn’t that what life is all about?

I am going to recap some of my favorite blog posts in this post today!  But I can’t list them all of course…….

What To Do With An Egg Bound Hen

egg bound hen - lil' suburban homestead

This was a post I wrote about my chicken Hazel and how worried I was about her and basically the process I went through to make sure she didn’t have an egg stuck up in her vent and what worked for us!  I hope it is helpful to others who face the same dilemma with their chickens!

Shabby Chic Pot Rack For Under $40!

Simple, Easy, Crockpot, Cheesy Potatoes

D.I.Y. – Our New Upcycled Chicken Tractor

My husband the Viking in my life did a great job building this chicken tractor and it’s the smallest details like the extra security of a window sash and it’s ease of mobility  that make this design a winner!

Lil' Suburban Homestead Upcycled Chicken Tractor

The Gals Won’t Want To Fly This Coop and It Only Cost $60

The Thrill Of The Chill:  Homemade Banana Icecream

The Top 10 Rules For Living On One Income & Thriving On A Shoestring Budget

Secrets To Making Your Very Own Prized Pickles!


We always like to challenge ourselves whether it’s making better pickles, coming up with a better redesign for our coops, making the greenhouse more efficient just to name a few we always consider ourselves and our little homestead a work in progress and it’s constantly evolving!

So let me tell you all about our Bloggiversary Giveaway! To all of my Canadian Readers you have given me feedback with your thoughts about giveaways that I run that do not include all of you! So this giveaway includes you to enter and you can win any item but the honey which I have checked and I am not allowed to ship honey to Canada that being said if I contact you and you have someone in the US that I can send the honey to for you I will gladly do so until they can get the honey to you!

The 1 lb. of honey will only be shipped somewhere in the Continental US. The fishing gear which includes 2 hats one is a Berkley (Trilene) hat, the other is a Penn, and the bait holder is a Berkley all brand new all were used for display but are in great condition! The fishing gear can be won by both U.S. and Canadian residents! You know how much we love to fish around our lil’ homestead so we wanted to include something for our fellow fishing friends and finally our Candy Roaster Pumpkin seeds which grow the most amazing pumpkins and delicious too can be won by residents in the U.S. or Canada.

I wish you all the best of luck in this giveaway! Click below to enter!

If you are new to the blog than welcome I am so glad you joined us and for those of you that have stuck with my lil’ blog through thick and thin thank you, thank you, thank you for your readership words can never properly express how much it means to me!

With Gratitude,

Karen Lynn





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