The Moment When You Lure in a Bee Swarm

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The Moment When You Lure In a Bee Swarm

luring in a bee swarm


There are a few moments in your life when you actually get to see honey bee’s swarm into a hive but the Viking in my life has captured two of these instances and of course I was at work both times but I was thankful for him getting these moments on video. There is a magical sense of wonder when this happens first of all; because in this case we were providing a new home for some local honeybees and they were happy about it! The other case was when our hive swarmed in this video behind our fence and then we lured them back to a new home(click here) and that was a little different but exciting nonetheless.

Simply put if bees get too crowded they will swarm and break off but please do not be alarmed if you don’t know what to do contact your local beekeepers they will be happy to help you and the sooner you call them the better. Honeybees are quite docile in the swarming state and you don’t have to worry as much about becoming stung but you do have a responsibility to help them find a new home! Another misconception from folks we have run into is that the bees immediately have honey when they are in a swarm state. They do not have honey yet when they are in a swarm state. You see they have left their home in search of another better home that is less crowded for them to begin again. Honey Bees are such a mystery to me because I don’t know what happens to make them swarm but they do and truthfully it is a magical moment when you lure one to your hive as a beekeeper because if you are lucky they will like the home you provided, and if you are lucky they will live through the winter, and if you are lucky you may harvest some honey the following winter. However The Viking and I are in the business of taking care of the bees whether we get honey or not as we are hobby farmer beekeepers. It’s not cheap but it’s my husband’s life passion and I sure do enjoy it too! I actually enjoy it more and more each year and the really cool thing is when I see someone post on facebook that they have a swarm I immediately call my husband and say “Guess what?”

Oh and make sure to check out this video of the bees all over our pindo palm too!




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