Happy Birthday To Me & A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Happy Birthday To Me & A Few Of My Favorite Things


Yesterday was my birthday so I thought I would share with all of you a few of my favorite things….I have some exciting news we have a really innovative DIY post coming soon and a “You Can Make This At Home” recipe post coming soon! Things are picking back up here at our lil’ homestead! We got our son settled at college, ordered his books, and just finished ordering his school supplies.


Of course you all know how much I love my family and my good friends but sometimes I think it’s neat for my readers to get a glimpse into my style and what I like so here goes! A fun post in honor of my 45th Birthday!


I love Science Fiction Movies and I love Gardening Books!


Some of My Favorite Movies and they aren’t all Sci Fi..the scene from Second Hand Lions reminds me of The Viking in my life!

My husband took me to see this first movie this weekend for my birthday and I loved it!

A Couple of My Favorite Songs

Some of my favorite books…

By the way every single movie, book, and song I shared I believe are treasures! I hope you enjoy them! What is it about our birthday’s that excite us??? Is it the cake or the presents? I think not…I think it’s the friends that whisper and message us birthday wishes…every single one of them is it’s own moment kind of like a firefly glistening at dusk. I so appreciate all of you!



7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me & A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Happy Belated Birthday you young thing!!! Hubby and the boys are the ones here for sci-fi movies, but I do enjoy gardening books too. The entertainment here these days are the cardinals and blue jays are fledging the young ones so they bring them to the feeder to show them where to find food. Not that it stops the young ones from squeaking their fool heads off for Mom and Dad to feed them..even when all are sitting on the feeder!!! Silly birds but so pretty!! The adult cardinals love watching us through the window…… We watch them watching us!!! So much fun!!

    1. Christine I love watching birds and my chickens too…hours of entertainment LOL! Thank you so much for the bday wishes! It means so much to me 🙂 Gardening books are the best!

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