Sun Oven – Free Essentials Cooking Class Coming Soon!

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Sun Oven – Essentials Cooking Class Coming Soon!

sun oven essentials cooking class
The “Viking” in my life loves our sun oven – we both do! Our only regret is that we did not get one sooner!

Woohoo!  I get to hang out with all of you and offer a free sun oven essentials cooking class …..I can’t wait!  Go grab your calendar and write this date down!   March 16th!  

I am so excited to share about this upcoming Sun Oven essentials cooking class with all of you!  The best part is that the class is free and I get to spend some time with all of you too! I’m a “foodie” and I totally love cooking and trying new recipes! I know you all know how much we love our Sun Oven and I do have a tendency to go on and on but we use it now so when we need it…it will just come naturally. I might even wrangle the Viking to stop in at the show because he has taught me lots of pointers as well!

Learning to cook with the sun has help us to be better prepared and baking outdoors has reduced our utility bills. Sun Ovens are the most commonly used solar cooker to activate the sun’s power to bake, boil, steam and dehydrate food.

We thought you might enjoy learning more about how to harness the power of the sun to cook so we invited Paul Munsen of Sun Ovens International to teach an interactive online seminar. Paul has devoted his life to sharing fundamental Sun Oven Cooking techniques with people all over the world. Join us on Wednesday March 16th.

Sun Oven Cooking Essentials Seminar
Want to know more about how to cook with the power of the sun? The Sun Ovens Cooking Essentials Seminar will show you the fundamental sun cooking and baking techniques to help you warm up to the idea of cooking with the sun to save money, be more self-reliant, and be better prepared for emergencies. Whether you have a Sun Oven and want to learn more or you know nothing about solar cooking you will find this seminar beneficial.

Wednesday March 16, 2016
7:00 p.m. Central Time, (8 p.m. Eastern / 6 p.m. Mountain / 5 p.m. Pacific)

This class is now in the past but to watch and listen to this class click here.

I hope you join me! I am really excited about this opportunity to spend some time with Paul Munsen as I know I am going to learn a lot and then I will be able to actually get more out of my sun oven than I already have! I hope you register and cozy up in a comfy chair and have a nice cup of coffee or even homemade wine and just enjoy the evening!

I wish you all a beautiful week! Until next time….


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6 thoughts on “Sun Oven – Free Essentials Cooking Class Coming Soon!

      1. Thanks KarenLynn, I appreciate the information.

        I get the idea of universal information, but since things become outdated so quickly, having a year is truly helpful. I find people are still digging back through posts I’ve written 3 and 4 years ago and thanking me for the information, so I really don’t think the year is a deterrent. It’s also helpful if one is looking for an update on previously published information. We all know that things change and projects must be tweaked. Being able to trace an update is truly helpful in that regard.

        Anyway, great blog, keep up the good work!

        1. Leigh, All of my posts are dated in the actual URL so that may help you when you are looking at blogs with out a date like mine. So glad you stopped by and I really do appreciate your kind feedback about my blog. I am hoping to make some updates this summer on my plug ins so the dates may be coming 😉

          Talk soon!

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