Why I Love Purina’s Organic Poultry Feed

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Why I Love Purina’s Organic Poultry Feed

Happy Sunday Ya’ll!

I must confess I’m a skeptic about “organic” anything but recently I have been putting some items to the test and that includes “organic produce” and well I decided to put “organic poultry feed” by Purina Poultry to the test as well. I used to think this is just “hype”, “mumbo jumbo”, and I would think “Oh they are just trying to sell something new!”…..in the case of organic produce and the organic poultry feed by Purina I was definitely wrong.

Why I Love Purina’s Organic Poultry Feed
I love feeding Purina’s Organic Poultry Feed To Our Chickens!

You all know how much I love my chickens and the Viking has come to slowly realize that I shall remain chicken crazy forever LOL! What I feed our chickens is also really important to me so when I recently went to the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville I had a chance to learn more about the new Purina Organic Poultry Feed  and met the folks at Purina and well I was amazed with what Purina is doing and you know what they are doing? It’s more about what they are not doing truthfully.   You can see the difference in the organic poultry feed by Purina actually when you scoop up the feed in your hands and it smells in my opinion a little bit like grape nuts.  Yes it smells like something I might possibly eat…I think that is a great thing!  I love that “nothing” that I do not want is included in the feed.  No GMO’s, no animal by products, no fillers, no artificial preservatives and in my research I did not realize that traditional feed all has growth hormones added…this is a huge bonus for us!  That’s important to us, it wasn’t important until I started reading up and realized the difference!

As far as my chickens are concerned we started with the Organic Layer Crumbles feed and I could not believe it for the first time in ages my chickens ate all the feed put in front of them!  Not only that the eggshell strength has seemed noticeably stronger to me when I crack their eggs for cooking our meals.

The next product we tried was the Purina Organic Starter-Grower feed and I must say our chicks (now pullets)  just look so beautiful but more information is coming about this in my next post about “Feeding Our Chickens & Watching Them Grow”.  So stay tuned!

We also round out their diet with the Purina Organic scratch grains it seems counter productive to me to go the organic route with the feed and not with the grain and of course we have been using this feed for about two months and I can tell you I think that the feathers on our chickens are so healthy and our chickens are active and strong.   My philosophy at my blog is to know your food, eat real food, and now I have added know what your food is eating basically.  We eat eggs and we eat a lot of eggs so this just makes good sense to me!

If you don’t visit another link on this post you have to stop in and visit here.  This is the page where Purina answers all your questions about what is organic, information about GMO’s, and what is the difference between their organic line of poultry feed and conventional feed but most importantly this is the page that lists all of the products in the poultry feed line!


I feel better when I feed our chickens a feed with no fillers and junk because we eat eggs every single day that is a huge part of our diet in our household and I want to know that not only are our chickens eating the best feed on the market but so am I!

I usually pick up my feed locally at the Hudson’s Hardware which is a True Value store in Castle Hayne, NC and the other cool thing is that they participate in “flock” events and promote chickens at their store.  So they are friendly towards our feathered friends!

I am excited to share with all of you from Purina Mills TV! This literally tells you all the basics about raising chickens.

To find out more about Purina Poultry Feed and their products click here.

I also love to follow Purina Poultry on Pinterest for great “Chicken Mama” ideas because I don’t ever stop learning!

I have another article I will share with all of you soon about how I can see the difference in my chicks that are growing up on this new organic food line.

 purinaPurina Poultry is sponsoring this post so we need to give them a huge shout out because this post is loaded with information that I personally researched and put together for all of you.    I wanted to make sure you had all of the chicken feed resources I could share with you.  I should also let you know I get asked to share sponsored posts all the time which I turn down because  I won’t share with all of you about a product I don’t believe in or one that I don’t use!  
Make sure to go out to your local retailer and get some for your gals and let me know what you think!  I would love to hear your comments.  To find your local retailer click here.

I wish you all a beautiful week! Until next time….Oh and if you have any questions feel free to ask them to me but you could also contact the folks directly at Purina Poultry here.


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4 thoughts on “Why I Love Purina’s Organic Poultry Feed

  1. Great info. Thanks Karen. I just started using this new line of organic feed for our flocks too and agree with your written post.

    1. Nancy ironically my chickens turn their nose up at anything but this feed! I think Purina saw a need and decided to be responsive…we are quiet pleased and thank you so much for your comment. I actually have to say I was very happy with the Purina Layena product and so were my gals but they didn’t know about the organic line yet LOL!

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