Exciting News! The Back Two Basics Bundle for 2018 Is Here!

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Exciting News! The Back Two Basics Bundle for 2018 Is Here!


Happy Thursday Everyone!

Brrr is it cold in the Southeast today….but I’m bundling up with hats and scarves.

Speaking of bundling….do I have a bundle to share with all of you, although a different kind of bundle it is the Back to Basics Bundle!

How many of you feel disconnected from your roots?

How many of you want to garden or make homemade food at home without chemicals but you don’t have time?

This Back to Basics bundle will help simplify your life in many ways. You will hear firsthand from authorities in the homesteading, self-reliant, and gardening fields about ways to add value and richness to your life where you get to be in charge of your food again. Whole foods like homemade bread, soups, and even managing your own garden to grow your food.

Does it sound elusive?

Well it’s really not…it’s great to pour through blog posts I know I do but it’s also nice to do some one stop shopping too and this bundle does just that!

One stop shopping with some of the most amazing authors sharing their knowledge with all of you.

There are 59 ebooks plus bonus offers and the retail value of this bundle is worth over $500!

Take a look and see if the bundle will help you with your homestead’s needs. I feel confident it will and I feel confident about the experts that are sharing in this bundle or I can assure you I would not have joined in to help promote this event.  As a matter of fact I’m kind of sad it took me so long to get this blog post out to you all but it’s just been that kind of week.

Click here for more information!

Stay tuned for my goji berry article coming your way soon.

I wish you all a beautiful week, until next time!


I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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