DIY: A Dining Room Re-do is in the works & The Planning Has Begun!

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I hope this blog post finds you all well!

This month has been a whirlwind; in addition to flying by so quickly it also has just been chock full of family fun, decluttering tasks, and at work I have been go, go, go! I am one who believes that if you don’t dive in it doesn’t get done which is why often my projects just last, last, last and go on forever. By the way I have not forgotten about sharing with all of you about my kitchen cabinets but I wanted to finish the counter tops before I posted. You see our projects really do last forever at times and I’m okay with that as long as they are moving along albeit slowly. I have found they never get done if you don’t rip the bandaid off.

So I have decided it’s time for a dining room re-do. I’m not sure the Viking is exactly on the same page lol but I think he knows it’s happening since I just scheduled a donation pick up for our furniture. You see I have had this furniture for a long time. I inherited it from my Mom back when I was a teenager yes, it’s her This End Up Furniture. We used it until the cushions were ruined, and then we replaced the cushions. Then in about 2006 we painted this furniture and my daughter and I picked out fabric and my husband and I re-upholstered it. No one can ever say we get bored easily ha ha.

I sadly can’t find the Before/After of this original project but if I do I will update this post.  I absolutely  adore DIY posts if you couldn’t tell…;).

This is how it all looks currently after housing many family projects and the cat deciding that the fabric on the chairs is her personal cat scratching post!

our dining room set before our newest project

I currently have yellow and green walls and I think I would like gray barn board and seafoam or robin egg blue walls with a handmade farm table that I am trying to talk the Viking in my life into building for me…fingers crossed.  Dining room furniture is an expense so we will scavenge and bargain hunt but we will make it look amazing or that is my goal.  I will update soon.

We are in a new season though and I am ready for a change. Recently my Mom told me she was going to downsize and I had asked for her nice hoosier years ago so I am finally getting that and with the Canning Pantry cupboard I have, well I decided it’s time to create a farmhouse feeling to our dining room.

Here is a dining room that I found on Instagram that I really liked but I am still not quite sure I would consider it an inspiration room just yet.

Oh please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts and suggestions. It’s been over a decade so I’m definitely ready for a change and a more simple look and feel! I do think we can re-decorate this room frugally but stylishly.

I hope you enjoy being on the journey with all of us! I sure do appreciate all of you.

Wishing you all a beautiful week!


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