DIY: 77′ Vintage Apache Mesa Pop-Up Camper Spruce Up!

DIY 77' Apache Mesa Pop-Up Camper Spruce Up!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I am so thankful for those men and women who have served in our armed forces and are currently doing so.

We are currently working on our vintage 1977 Apache Mesa pop-up camper.  I’m calling it a “spruce up” rather than a transformation as we are working to get it in almost original condition with the exception of adding in some technology.  I’m so excited about our DIY pop-up camper project and I have to share an update with all of you!   

free tv for the camper

 I realized in this day and time I’m such a movie addict and with red boxes everywhere now a days or our extensive movie collection (cd’s) that we could watch movies when we are camping. I also have had issues with streaming in campgrounds even with unlimited data as more and more people are streaming as well on the campground Wi-fi so I thought we need a tv.  We were actually just about to buy one when the Viking in my life found this beauty at our local recycling area.  It is heavier than what I wanted but it works with a small DVD player and I liked the price tag ;).

We traveled with the camper icebox several times and it just did not keep our food at the temperature we preferred and we did not like fussing with it so we have added a refrigerator.  I’ll share photos of this in my next camping post.  We sadly were unable to save the original fabric on the foam/bedding areas that is shown in the top photo but we did replace the foam and purchased new bedspreads.    I’m also currently working on toss pillows and ambient lighting.

This weekend my husband also worked to install an ac unit in one of the cabinets.  It does take cabinet room but as you know so worth it in the southeastern US heat.  An ac for us at this point in our life is non-negotiable.  He is almost done with the ac install and I am sad to lose the cabinet space but it had to be done.   My husband had been saving a unit for a while but because he did this part is basically free as well.  The most expensive part of our camper spruce up was the new foam for $180.00.  Foam is not inexpensive and we learned we had leaks in the camper and as a result we are diligently inspecting the camper daily for leaks.  We had one coming through a pop rivet and one coming through the sleeper wing window.

my husband installing our camper ac system

We also spent quite a bit of time working on saving the original curtains for this camper and adding some that I scored at a local discount shop for a divider for the bedroom areas of the camper!  In the picture at the very top you can see the bedspreads I scored online and we found that vintage afghan as it was just perfect and fit right into our decor and the vibe we are shooting for.

In the photo below you will see the contact paper we added for warmth and the divider curtains.  We will share round two of this post soon as we will be taking this camper to the foothills of the NC mountains for our good friend’s camping/musical birthday party!  The contact paper was very easy to install for the most part and really does the trick to warm up the space inexpensively.  The curtains from a discount store just needed to be cut and hemmed.  Next up, I am looking to clean the fan up on the ceiling and look for a new light fixture.  I bought two thin tension rods for the divider curtains to be installed with.

new divider camper curtains


I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!

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