Why I Keto!

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This year is already flying by so fast, but I need to share with all of you that starting in January 2018 that I went on the ketogenic diet and other than a few hiccups I’m now in my second year of keto. I want to share with all of you why I keto. I know you all have seen me vascilate between paleo, carnivore, and bread over the years. But here’s the deal…in 2015 the doctors told me that I was pre-diabetic but truthfully looking back at my numbers now I was probably actually a diabetic in terms of the numbers. You all know how I am, I ‘m a DIY’er so I like to take matters into my own hands. I worked with several different diets but truthfully none of them worked for my body like keto has.

I promise I’m not going to inundate all of you with my keto posts here, but I have purchased a new blog domain to share my keto posts in the future. The Viking and I both are excited to share with everyone who is interested in this future site and it will be coming online in 2019. This blog though is near and dear to our hearts and is not going anywhere. I want to keep this content up for those that might be interested and to continue to update all of you on our journey.

I’m Passionate, But Won’t Inundate You!

This isn’t probably the way to eat for everyone maybe, but it sure is for me. I have been able to get my both my blood sugar and blood pressure levels back to normal. My blood pressure was running 150 over 90 and sometimes even higher, it scared me to pieces that I couldn’t get a handle on this. Same with my blood sugar numbers, no matter what I did eating the nutritionally advised diet I was following…nothing was working and I was frustrated and fearful for the future.

Keto Food Is Delicious!

Contrary to what you may believe I eat a huge variety of foods on my ketogenic diet and I don’t cut out onions and tomatoes as some people do. I eat a wide variety of foods including almond flour donuts, yes it’s true. Giving up sugar was tough, but the good news is I didn’t have to give up all sweets!

Believe it or not I now have normal blood sugar and blood sugar and I continue to lose weight every week. I’ve lost 44 pounds since 2018 so it’s coming off slow but it’s permanent weight loss. I highly recommend this way of eating for anyone that has blood sugar issues or a metabolic condition. As always consult your physician before making any lifestyle changes dietary or otherwise. Another tidbit of news is that I will share with all of you that both my primary care doctor and my specialist that manages my thyroid issues both were comfortable with me pursuing this lifestyle. Validation!

I probably will still share keto/paleo recipes here from time to time, and I hope ya’ll are good with that. Please let me know if you have questions and or you want to see more posts let me know as well. Oh, and if you are a long time reader please let me know how you are doing. I would love to hear from you!

If your not following me on Instagram, please come along and join me on my journey.

Check Out the Keto Resources I’ve listed for you here!

For my keto resources….I loved the Obesity Code by Dr. Fung, I watch to Dr. Berry on Youtube a lot, as well as Dr. Berg. All resources have been linked and that way if you want to dig in a bit more to this way of life that is serving me well and I am very passionate about.

I’m so excited I finally got to share this update with all of you. I wish you a beautiful week….until next time!


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