Friends with “Bee”nefits!

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I hope you all are having an amazing summer, it’s a hot one here on July 1st and I imagine most folks in NC will be somewhere where they can dip their toes in the water this week.  

We are so excited to share our latest collaboration…the one I call “Friends with Bee-nefits!” For the love of the vital, important honeybee many friendships have begun but this friendship with our dear friend Amanda at Sea Love Sea Salt was born of a mutual love for the bees and two farmers helping each other. Amanda is a salt farmer, she hand harvests her salt from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and her salt processing facility is in the country side not too far away.

My husband “the Viking” in my life is a suburban farmer and both Amanda and her husband as well as our family were affected by Hurricane Florence.  Actually the storm was so devastating I don’t imagine there were too many people who were not affected in some way or another.  We are still slowly licking our wounds and rebuilding as a community; and I still say for the most part we are extremely fortunate considering, but I digress.

Amanda and her husband of Sea Love Sea Salt

Pictured above:  Amanda and her husband David of Sea Love Sea Salt farm

Meet Amanda of  Sea Love Sea Salt Farm – to read about their story click here.

Amanda and her husband lost their bees on their salt farm and while our bees fared okay they were struggling and we were left with tons of repairs to do on our lil’ homestead which included trees taken down, our shed still needs to be replaced and we realized our back yard was not where our bees needed to be for the safety of every contractor involved and their happiness as well.

The Viking and I working with the bees on our property Pre-Hurricane Florence

In the photo above is the Viking and myself working with our bees in the back of our property pre-Florence.

We had collaborated with Amanda before with beekeeping and swarm chasing adventures, so we asked Amanda how she would feel about a collaboration of the bees. We would move our bees up to her farm and my husband and her could take a team approach to raising them and harvesting the honey. 

Recently my husband (who I call the “Viking” but everyone else calls Eric) and Amanda had a field day out at the farm and they were pleasantly surprised because even though our bees were stressed Post Florence they are thriving up at the Sea Love Sea Salt farm! 

We should be looking at a nice honey harvest in the summer, and  we think that’s pretty sweet!   Friendships are a curious thing and you never know the spark that will strike but we think the fact that we are all so passionate about the honeybee is a BEE-autiful thing!

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