Coronavirus Edition: DIY- Join in on the Mask Making!

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Good evening all! I realized I didn’t send out a post last week and I have to share that I am completely surprised at how fast the days go by with me working from home and continuing my studies. I barely can fit in time to watch the news these days, but maybe that’s a good thing.

The Viking and I started making masks a couple of weeks ago and we have made some for close friends and family. But his hours were cut back drastically at work so he decided to sell some as a side hustle too but we are selling them at a great price point because it was all fabric and elastic we already had in the craft closet for now anyway.

I am not a seamstress at all and I cannot stand long winded YouTube videos but I found this tutorial by Raising Nobles about her pleated mask design with a filter pocket and her instructions were so clear and the entire project was extremely easy from beginning to end. I have made at least 10 pleated masks by now and I’m really starting to get the hang of it. My only change to her tutorial is that she hand stitches the elastic at the corners and i did not. I used the sewing machine, mostly because I’m impatient and I seek quantity over quality. 😉 I also really wanted a mask with a filter pocket for the extra protection. I have placed some interfacing in the filter pockets of my masks, but I’ve heard some people are using coffee filters. Remember, the mask is really more to protect other people and not yourself. Also, I liked the fact that this blogger had friends in the medical field that offered her guidance as to what medical professionals preferred with lack of high quality, medical grade protective gear which this is not; just to be clear.

The other mask that the Viking preferred for his mask style was the Olson style mask that has been recommended by hospitals. I actually tried to watch the video the hospital made and they really worked hard to put it together, but they are not a professional craft/sewer blogger so being a blogger myself, I went in search of a pro that could make this come together easy for me. I found this blogger at and she not only had the easiest, clearest blog post I could find on the Olson style mask but she has gone to the extra effort to have a child’s size and downloadable patterns and instructions. I will say this mask requires more attention and takes just a bit longer. There is also just a bit more of a learning curve with this one but the blogger made it fun and interesting. Kudos! Click here for the YouTube video and instructions. They are the best!

Ya’ll, today gas prices went into the negative according to the NY Times, so I think I no longer can think or say that things can’t get any crazier! I only add this so when I look back at this post one day, I will remember how wonky things have gotten. I don’t make light of this situation though, so please stay safe everyone. We have family affected by this virus, so who knows how long this will all last in the US and in the world. This virus is scary and there is much we still do not know, so I’m a believer in following the experts guidelines.

The Viking is always thrilled when his dumpster diving pays off and some of the fabrics and elastic were found in his hunt for goodies. He often finds items that are in plastic storage containers or in sealed bags from estate sales!

Oh and don’t forget to follow us on Youtube. I do not put myself in the professional sewer/crafter category but we have a lot of great stuff going on at our lil’ suburban homestead and I do have a fancy knot tie tutorial for those of you mostly non-sewers like me. Although I have to tell you I’m really enjoying sewing these days and aren’t we so lucky to have so many blogs and YouTube channels to follow!

Below I posted some photos of our adventures with mask making. The Viking had to use the seam ripper several times today…not his favorite at all lol…. Oh and our cat Kisa loves to hang out with us when we are sewing and has been curling up close by this week. I did have to order a new sewing machine and I ended up getting a small, lightweight portable one as my daughter has my sewing machine right now. I was fortunate because when I went to look a couple days later they were sold out. I think the sewing market is surging right now, no pun intended, but levity is a good thing these days. 😉

Be well and stay safe everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Edition: DIY- Join in on the Mask Making!

  1. Hi Karen,
    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your information and the videos. My sewing machine is in bad shape and I need to have it fixed, but that probably isn’t going to happen right away. I really appreciate all of the people making masks! My mom is making dozens of masks for the health department in her county. I think they are giving them to essential workers.

    I think my ‘superpower’ for this pandemic is going to be raising extra food for people who are having trouble making ends meet. We already know several people who have lost their jobs or are sick… so I am gearing up to grow as much food as I can to share. I’m picking up more chickens tomorrow so I can share eggs.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing!

    1. Lisa, This is awesome! My husband and I are part of a group called Solidarity Gardens and they are doing that. I also think it is awesome that your Mom is doing that. It’s our side hustle right now but as we regain our footing we will definitely look into donating some too! I love that you are going to share your surplus that is just awesome! Thank you for stopping in over here. I know I haven’t been blogging much but now’s the time to share these essential skills with other folks to help them through this and I know you are doing the same!

  2. Thanks for making the masks that I sent to the Navajo Nation. Such a great opportunity: I am able to help you by buying masks from you, and I am able to help descendants of first Americans in this time of incredible need.

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