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I love hearing from my readers!  Drop me an email!

Hi! I always love hearing from my blog readers and podcast listeners.

If you need to get up with me contact me at or you can call us at 910-319-1867.

Thanks! Look forward to talking to you!

Karen Lynn

4 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Hi, Karen
    You did a book review for my Winds of Skilak: A Tale of True Grit, True Love and Survival in the Alaskan Wilderness. I have finally finished and released the sequel, Winds of Skilak: The Continuing Saga of one couple’s adventures and survival in the Alaskan wilderness. I wondered if you might be interested in doing a book review for it also?

    By the way, I love your website. And I just finished watching the video you have on tying those knots on the no-sew fleece blanket. I love it.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,


  2. May I ask a question about knotting fleece blankets? I have 2 here at home that are heirlooms, and I want to know and pass down. But they have existing hems in them. Do I cut the hems off?

I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!