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Jan 24

Karen Lynn’s Mostly Mushroom, Bacon & Corn Chowder

Karen Lynn’s Mostly Mushroom, Bacon & Corn Chowder Sigh…January…a lot of the country is covered under snow and ice and i see lots of photos on Facebook of my friends who are literally “snowed in” many of them are baking bread, playing with their kids and pets, and even reading, painting, and organizing.  I know …

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Nov 30

Carolina Style Leftover Turkey Stumbo (a stew that is so delicious that it wants to be a Gumbo)

  After hearing from my Louisiana friends on Facebook for I did not want to offend for one I did not use a Roux in this recipe I also did not use any authentic Cajun spices and oh my I had no okra so I didn’t use that. I know my Louisiana friends take their …

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Nov 05

The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 2 – White Bean and Chicken Soup & Hard Boiled Eggs (Sun Oven Coupon Link Included!)

I’m back this week with another Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 2 in this series and we are going to be talking about the “All American Sun Oven” and I have to tell you I am falling in love with this product.  I am now starting to wonder how I ever did without it. I …

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Oct 05

Soup Good For The Soul & Wallet! – 40+ Amazing Soup Recipes For Fall

Soup Good For the Soul & Wallet! – 40+ Amazing Soup Recipes For Fall A bowl of piping hot soup is delicious on a cool crisp fall evening so it’s the perfect time for my 40+ Amazing Soup Recipes for fall post!  Soup truly is not only good for the soul but good for the …

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Sep 29

I’m Not Allowed To Be Sick Chicken Soup Recipe! (Gluten Free)

  So everyone knows Mom’s not allowed to be sick and I imagine Dad feels the same way…..what’s worse I woke up sick today and I went to the store and guess what I could not find?  I could not find a healthy, whole foods gluten Free Chicken Soup!  Of course this always happens when you feel miserable …

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Jan 19

Tom Khai Gai (Gluten Free) – Soup That Provides Flavor & Sustenance

seasonings for tom khai gai

I would like to say that January is my favorite month but once the excitement of the new year has worn off it’s not because typically it’s a cold dreary month and as a gardener it’s that time of year when my husband and I are in waiting mode for the days to get warmer …

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Nov 09

Fall Garden Splendor

fall gardening

I am so proud of our fall garden that I have to share some pictures that I took yesterday.  We have collards, broccoli, lettuces and we even have some purple basil flowering that we are going to collect seeds from. We are making a soup tomorrow that is going to be chock full of collards, …

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Oct 09

Wild Rice & Chicken Soup & Panini’s: The Perfect Weeknight Fall Dinner


As the weather is getting colder outside and the cold fall rains come in some days I just want a bit of comfort for dinner.  Nothing too heavy and certainly nothing that is too difficult or time-consuming to make.  Recently I stumbled upon a recipe and of course as I always do I tweaked it …

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Sep 19

Grow Your Own Bay Laurel Tree

bay laurel tree

The other day I was out on the deck and I was bending over and I smelled a savory smell and I looked down and I saw our lovely Bay Laurel Tree.  I read that no house is complete without one can’t remember where I read that but I have to say I absolutely agree! …

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Feb 02

Homemade French Onion Soup

french onion soup with cheese

Earlier this week before I knew I had gotten the three “Itis’s” I was feeling poorly so I made a batch of my homemade french onion soup to help get my strength back.  Well after I ate it I did perk up a little there is something very special and nourishing about home-made soups however …

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