Eating what you grow

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Cabbage In Our Garden

I have met a lot of people that seem to like to grow vegetables but they don’t exactly embrace eating what they grow.  We have never had any success with cabbage but this year we did I attribute that to getting some advice from a local garden expert in our area but we finally had 8 heads of cabbage but their is just one problem it definitely looked less than perfect and I was slightly afraid of eating it which is funny because how could it ever be worse than food that has been genetically modified or loaded with chemicals????  Well our cabbage was very holey here is a pic of how it looked…..but then I found an article of a proud gardener with her holey cabbages and I thought I think I can eat these anyways well I am sure glad I did because it was delicious!  Some of our heads are big and some are small but it is delicious! We made this cabbage for dinner…I just cooked it with 2 TBSP. butter, chopped the cabbage up and then poured about 2 cups of chicken broth in it and salted and peppered it.  YUM!  I am so excited I have about 7 heads of cabbage left!  The one to left of the bowl is small but tasty!

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