Preserving the Harvest 2010

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Preserving The Harvest 2010

This year I had the most fun ever canning our harvest and local produce and some not so local like my peaches I got for a steal!  Canning is rewarding and while it is not instant gratification it is extremely gratifying.  I can’t take all the credit either because my daughter helped me make my peach salsa this year and my husband always pitches in it can become quite a family passion!

     This year we canned the following: (many of the recipes I took from the Ball Book I call it the canning Bible but I always tweak recipes to make them slightly my own anyway!

peach jam

blueberry butter

peach salsa 

My Peach Salsa
My Peach Salsa

peach butter


canned tomatoes/italian canned tomatoes

barbecue sauce

spicy salsa/salsa


and pepper jelly.

My Pepper Jelly
My Pepper Jelly

I am still hoping to put up more pepper jelly for the holidays for gifts and some applesauce this fall!

3 thoughts on “Preserving the Harvest 2010

  1. Yum! Everything looks and sounds yummy, but it was kind of like torture…. I could look but not touch, smell, taste…..

    1. Mary that is so funny! I love looking at canning blogs but I always have plans to make what I am reading about……………….I just wish I had more time now!

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